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Wikimedia mobile engineering/Mobile QA/Commons uploads

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Commons app for Android.
Commons app for iOS.

Uploading pictures from mobile devices to Wikipedia pages and Wikimedia Commons must be simple for everybody! We have fresh software and you can help testing it.



  • #wikimedia-mobile connect IRC channel.
  • mobile-l mailing list
  • discussion page.

You can ask any questions related to this testing activity.

Testing mobile uploads[edit]

The mobile team is excited to work on Photo Uploads using the Mobile Web and Uploads to Commons using Android and iOS Apps. Our goal is to make it simpler for our mobile users to use their devices to take pictures and add them to relevant articles.

This is an activity open to anybody with a mobile device (preferably Android or iOS). No technical experience required.

Check our QA weekly goals and other exploratory testing activities at Features testing. You are invited to join the MediaWiki Group Features testing to learn more and get involved.


We want to assess the user perceived quality of these activities:

  • Uploading images from the device to Commons.
  • Publishing images in Wikipedia pages missing them.
  • Creating image titles and a descriptions.
  • Adding categories to an image.
  • Receiving notifications of successful / unsuccessful uploads.
  • Responsiveness and performance.

Devices of Interest[edit]

This testing exercise focuses on iPhone and any Android smartphones, both for mobile browser and installable app.

Other smartphones are also welcome to test the mobile web uploads.

Tablets are tangential to this testing activity but if you want to take the chance, welcome as well!

Commons App[edit]

Installation instructions: Android app - iOS app

Except publishing to a Wikipedia page, you should be able to go through the same upload process described below for the Mobile web, plus:

  • The user interface should be integrated to your device look & feel.
  • The app should be stable and snappy like other apps installed from the OS store.
  • You are among the first users of these apps: your feedback is welcome even in the absence of bugs.

Mobile web[edit]

Mobile web UI showing upload button in a Wikipedia page without images.

Testing from the browser of your mobile device.

IMPORTANT: Set up your mobile browser and your Wikipedia user page.

Mobile users can upload images in two ways:

  • Using the Upload button in the navigation bar.
  • Using the special button appearing in Wikipedia pages without images.

Upload button in navigation bar[edit]

Once you are logged in on your mobile device, try the following:

  • Click the menu icon. Upload button should appear in the navigation bar.
  • Testing welcome in all languages, including right-to-left (Arabic, Hebrew).
  • Tapping the Upload button you should get:
    • A Donate an image button if this is your first upload ever or
    • A text like "3 images" and a list of the images you have uploaded previously to Wikimedia Commons. The most recent is the top. The description of each image is shown below it. If an image has no description the text “No image description” is shown.

Uploading from a Wikipedia page without image[edit]

We want to encourage users to contribute pictures to Wikipedia pages missing images. We do this by showing a big upload button in those pages.

After creating your TestUpload user page, open it from your mobile browser.

  • You should see a blue button with the icon of a camera and the text "Add an image to this article".
  • Testing welcome in Wikipedias of different languages.
  • Tapping the button should lead to the upload process.
  • Once the picture is uploaded it should be published automatically at the top of the page, with the caption you typed.

Upload process[edit]

This process must be intuitive and comfortable. We are looking for bugs impeding you to upload pictures, but also to other annoyances like unclear steps, confusing texts, bad performance and, in general, unsatisfactory experiences.

Do whatever you want (it is also called exploratory testing). Some ideas:

  • First upload: after completion the inspiring text+image disappears and the newly uploaded image appears. A toast message congratulates you: Success! Thanks for your first contribution!
  • More uploads: when a second photo uploads successfully you see a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen, the newly uploaded photo slides from the top of the page above all other existing images.
  • OK message: Success! Your image can now be used on $projectname (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc. – whichever project the user is accessing the uploads dashboard from).
  • Photo upload counts: You should get the exact number of pictures you have uploaded. If it's more than 500 then the number is always "500+" (and you deserve an ice cream).
  • Languages right-to-left: you should get a consistent right-to-left interface in e.g. Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Errors: if there is a problem you should get a clear and informative error message.
  • Canceling an upload: should work as expected.

Push the software hard[edit]

!!! (just don't smash your phone)

  • Try to access sections that require prior "log in" to access:
    • Try to "Upload" a photo while not logged in
    • When logged in, upload a photo and then access the watchlist menu. You should remain logged in and be directed to the watchlist page.
  • Type special characters in text fields.
  • Try to load large photos (Photo file size limit is 100mb).
  • Try to upload a file while in "airplane" or some similarly "offline" device mode.
  • Try to cut your connection in the middle of an upload.
  • Try to upload a file that is corrupted.
  • Try to upload non image formatted files.
  • Try to to proceed to the next error when required fields have not been completed.
  • Undo/Redo.

Reporting bugs[edit]

If you find a problem please be bold and report it. If you are new at reporting bugs check How to report a bug. If you have questions, just ask.

You can also use the bug reporting tool to suggest improvements. Just mark the Severity of your report as Enhancement.

Some details to classify bug reports from this activity:

Mobile web

Commons app

Sign up[edit]

Not required but useful to get in touch.


  • Useful for the Mobile team. They want to repeat.
    • They had release-like public pressure and knew a lot more about the problems real users encounter when using their software.
    • They also learned about other problems in the way of testing e.g. only mobile registration / sign-in was problematic for many.
  • This page and Mobile QA/Commons uploads/Setup became the best landing pages for Commons mobile testers. PENDING: moving this beauty to the related main pages.
  • Multiple bugs en enhancement requests filed during the week.
    • Many from WMF employees at Mobile team but also others.
    • Also from the Commons community and other Wikimedians.
    • Discussion in Commons Village pump generated 3 reports.
    • Mobile team followed the activity and acted rapidly upon the new reports, triaging, commenting and even fixing issues during the week.
  • Talk page and #wikimedia-mobile IRC channel offered prompt support by the Mobile team, with no issues standing.
  • Number of people who tried to upload at least one picture (new users): 34. 9 for iOS and 28 for Android.
  • 21 non-WMF people used the mobile web upload features, and they uploaded a total of 30 images.
  • PENDING: follow-up with most active participants. How many joining MediaWiki Group Features testing?
  • PENDING: evaluation of reaching out to users interested in mobile beta & testing.
Mobile web
  • Bug 45377 – Toast disappears, no easy way to retry upload if failed
  • Bug 45256 - Uploads dashboard doesn't work on commons
  • No 'Donate image' button on Upload page in Firefox (Firefox OS, Android, or desktop) -- this should be fixed in master, but isn't deployed yet.
    • (Testing on http://leuksman.com/mw/ it works fine in Firefox for Android, but Firefox OS doesn't trigger a file selection or camera dialog when clicking 'Donate image'. Check me...)
    • (The first version of Firefox OS seems to have disabled file input controls in a weird way -- [1] -- will see if we can find a way to detect it and hide the button again)
  • 'Uploads' page says I have "50 uploads" (I think I have more than that), but only shows 10.
    • Feature, not bug :) But you're right that it's unclear and probably needs copy like "50 uploads, below are your most recent ones..." Also, we're only showing Commons uploads, not local wiki, which may be why it seems like it's undercounting your uploads. Maryana (WMF) (talk) 21:47, 25 February 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  • No 'Donate image' button on Upload page in Opera Mobile for Android (claims to support FormData and FileReader, ought to work) -- check again on master
    • (Testing on http://leuksman.com/mw/ it seems to upload ok, but has a terrible file selector and doesn't show previews correctly.)
Android app