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Commons App
An iOS and Android app that allows you to upload media to Commons.
Lead Nicolas Raoul (Android)
Team Nicolas Raoul, Josephine Lim (Android)

Wikimedia Commons mobile app allows users to upload photos directly from their mobile phone into Commons, and is available for both Android and iOS.

Initially this app was created by the WMF, but because it had not been maintained for a while and the Mobile team was unable to allocate resources to it for the foreseeable future, it was removed from Play Store and App Store per this e-mail thread. Later, both the Android and iOS apps were picked up and revived by volunteers, who have been maintaining them ever since.


Mobile phones have overtaken point and shoots as the most used cameras, yet there is no easy way to upload a picture from a mobile directly (and properly!) into Commons. This app aims to fix that. We are also working on uploads from the mobile web interface - see Mobile design/Uploads.

Use Cases[edit]

Use Case #1: Simple Upload for experienced Commons user[edit]

Galadriel is an experienced Commons user who already has uploaded many files to Commons using the UploadWizard. She is taking a nice evening stroll when she comes across a scene that would make a wonderful addition to Commons. She has a phone with a nice camera, so takes a picture with the inbuilt camera app. Instead of going home, remembering to transfer the image, and then uploading it, she wants to be able to upload it then and there - and then move on. She is a good Commons citizen, so wants to make sure that the title is descriptive and appropriate categories are added.

Source code[edit]

Check out the source code for Android and iOS. Contributions are always welcome! Instructions for building the source code are on GitHub.

Bug reports, feedback, and new feature suggestions for the Android app can be posted on the GitHub issues page.


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