MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Annual Report 2018


Focus Areas[edit]

In 2018, we focused mainly on these areas:

  • Continuation and improvement of MediaWiki user experience. We are striving to keep user experience of MediaWiki as consistent and integrated as possible for self-installed MediaWiki instances (see output).
  • Outreach to relevant stakeholders. We haved increased our efforts to reach out to MediaWiki maintainers by co-organizing conferences and conference tracks.
  • Exchange of experience among stakeholders, i.e. primarily people running MediaWiki as their platform. This was done in regular online and offline meetings as well as through our online platform at


  • EMWCon Houston. We organized this year's Enterprise MediaWiki Conference in Houston.
  • LDAP. Logging in users via LDAP is now (almost) fully functional. We brought various stakeholders together and implemented a suite of extensions based on PluggableAuth, which works for all the parties involved.

Exchange of Experience[edit]

Real Life Meetings[edit]

These meetings are used to discuss current issues of MediaWiki and of the Stakeholders' group with a wider audience. They are generally open to the public, thus reaching out to potential new members for the group.

Online Meetings[edit]

  • 11 regular telcos (Hangouts/BlueJeans), all documented. Average attendance: 10 participants
  • Ongoing chat discussions on Riot - Several rooms for different topics.


Real Life[edit]

In 2018, we actively participated in various MediaWiki and Open Source conferences, among others with these topics:


Participation in discussions on 3rd party relevant topics

Financials and internals[edit]

  • In 2018 we raised no money and we spent no money.
  • We worked on incorporating, doing legal research and creating an Memorandum of Understanding aligned with the Wikimedia Foundation.