EMWCon Spring 2018/Structuring knowledge according to "Every Page is Page One (EPPO)"

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Structuring knowledge according to "Every Page is Page One (EPPO)"

Presenter     Sabine Melnicki and Lex Sulzer
Event Enterprise MediaWiki Conference (EMWCon) Spring 2018
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When using a wiki for knowledge transfer in a company, users do not want to start on a blank page: emptiness can be overwhelming and is not motivating. To provide help for working with the wiki, administrators look at business subjects and derive a certain pre-defined structure, translated into templates, forms, categories, properties, i.e. the ontology. This structure is closely tied to the content and purpose of the wiki. We will examine best practices for defining this structure for content writing in the wiki, based on the findings of Mark Baker in “Every Page is Page One (EPPO)“.