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Wikimedia Git repository has this file: scripts/manual:pywikibot

This script can be used to create capitalization redirect (e.g. abc to ABC).


  • Check pages starting from A, if the capitalization redirect didn't exist, create one.

python -start:A -always


  • -always Don't prompt to make changes, just do them.
  • -titlecase creates a titlecased redirect version of a given page where all words of the title start with an uppercase character and the remaining characters are lowercase.


  • python capitalize_redirects -start:B -always

Usage output[edit]

Usage is reported thus;

Global arguments available for all bots:

-lang:xx          Set the language of the wiki you want to work on, overriding
                  the configuration in xx should be the
                  language code.

-family:xyz       Set the family of the wiki you want to work on, e.g.
                  wikipedia, wiktionary, wikitravel, ...
                  This will override the configuration in

-log              Enable the logfile. Logs will be stored in the logs

-log:xyz          Enable the logfile, using xyz as the filename.

-nolog            Disable the logfile (if it is enabled by default).

-putthrottle:nn   Set the minimum time (in seconds) the bot will wait between
                  saving pages.

Bot to create capitalized redirects.
It creates redirects where the first character of the first
word is uppercase and the remaining characters and words are lowercase.