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See also the more detailed Wikimedia-specific tutorial.

MediaWiki supports OAuth v1.0a as a method of authentication. Pywikibot master also supports OAuth for MediaWiki. (Pywikibot 2.0 does not).

More information about OAuth support of MediaWiki: OAuth/For_Developers



OAuth tokens are set in authenticate of

authenticate[''] = ('consumer_token', 'consumer_secret', 'access_token', 'access_secret')

For now, we should use site's host URL as the key of dict to specifying OAuth tokens. Also, Pywikibot supports wildcard '*' as the prefix of URL:

authenticate['*'] = ('consumer_token', 'consumer_secret', 'access_token', 'access_secret')

Pywikibot will match the best OAuth tokens for requests.

The OAuth tokens could be generated at Special:OAuthConsumerRegistration/propose. In case of a wikifarm, this needs to be the central wiki of the farm. In case of Wikimedia, it's m:Special:OAuthConsumerRegistration/propose. You need to check the option "This consumer is for use only by UserNameOfBot."


When there's OAuth tokens matched in, Pywikibot will disable password login automatically and use OAuth tokens for authentication instead.

NOTE: Using OAuth will block logout function.

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