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Frontend: $wgOOUIEditPage
Whether to use OOjs UI buttons, checkboxes and summary input in the edit form.
Eingeführt in Version:1.29.0 (Gerrit change 231600; git #I25aa78a)
Entfernt in Version:1.30.0 (Gerrit change 366872; git #I2b468c8)
Erlaubte Werte:(boolean)


$wgOOUIEditPage was removed in MediaWiki 1.30 , as it is now the default. This was documented as a temporary variable during the migration period.


The edit form since MediaWiki 1.29 uses pretty OOjs UI buttons, checkboxes and summary input. Because this change can cause problems for extensions and on-wiki scripts depending on the exact HTML, the old version is still available in MediaWiki 1.29 and can be used by setting $wgOOUIEditPage = false; in LocalSettings.php.

To make testing easier, users can also force either mode by adding &ooui=true or &ooui=false to the action=edit URL.