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利用者言語オブジェクトは、利用者の個人設定で選択された言語のオブジェクトです。 2 つあるグローバルの言語オブジェクトのうちの 1 つであり、もう一方は $wgContLang (1.36 で除去) です。 詳細情報はページ Manual:言語 を参照してください。

$wgLang is initialized towards the end of setup; some hooks are called earlier than that and should avoid using it. When in doubt use $wgUser->isSafeToLoad() to check.



$wgLang->commaList( $list )
delimit a list of strings according to the conventions of the user's language
利用者の言語コードを返します。例: "ja"

Recommended alternative

It is best that new code avoids using global variables when alternatives exist. In the case of $wgLang, two alternatives exist and can be used:

  • Use an instance of Context class to get the language used in that context, e.g. $contextSource->getLanguage(). (see also: Manual:RequestContext.php#Accessors)
  • Use MediaWikiServices to get the content language statically, e.g. MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getContentLanguage();. (To read more about MediaWikiServices, see Dependency Injection )