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The user language object is the language object selected in user preferences. It is one of two global language objects, the other was $wgContLang (entfernt in 1.36). Siehe die Seite Handbuch:Sprache für weitere Informationen.

$wgLang is initialized towards the end of setup; some hooks are called earlier than that and should avoid using it. Wenn Zweifel bestehen, nutzen Sie $wgUser->isSafeToLoad() zum Überprüfen.

Häufig verwendete Methoden

This is not an exhaustive list, view class above to see a complete listing.

$wgLang->commaList( $list )
delimit a list of strings according to the conventions of the user's language
return the user's language code, for example "en"

Empfohlene Alternative

It is best that new code avoids using global variables when alternatives exist. In the case of $wgLang, two alternatives exist and can be used:

  • Use an instance of Context class to get the language used in that context, e.g. $contextSource->getLanguage(). (see also: Manual:RequestContext.php#Accessors)
  • Use MediaWikiServices to get the content language statically, e.g. MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getContentLanguage();. (To read more about MediaWikiServices, see Dependency Injection )