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Tento snímek obrazovky zachycuje historii stránky včetně dvou skrytých záznamů. U záznamu z 12:00 byl skryt jen editovaný text, u záznamu z 12:01 byl skryt editovaný text, shrnutí editace i uživatelské jméno. Skryté položky se zobrazují přeškrtnutou šedou kurzívou.

Funkce RevisionDelete (skrývání změn) umožňuje skrývat jednotlivé položky v historii změn stránky nebo jiném záznamu (například v případě, kdy uživatel omylem zveřejní nějaké osobní informace). Tuto funkci mohou používat uživatelé náležící do uživatelských skupin s právem deleterevision. By default, this right is assigned to the suppress group. Using this function, administrators can hide (and later show) the content of the revision, the name of the user who made the edit, the edit summary, or any combination of those three. Other administrators will still be able to view the hidden information, but it's possible to give certain users the "suppressrevision" user right , which allows them to hide the content even from administrators. Hiding content even from administrators in this way is often called "suppression" or "oversight".

This feature was added to the MediaWiki core codebase in version 1.16, release in 2009. For developer information, see Příručka:Smazání změn .


When enabled on an installation and viewed by a user with the appropriate permissions, every page revision and log entry has a checkbox ☐ displayed next to it, as shown in the normal revision and protection log entry below.

  • (teď | předchozí) ☐ 00:00, 1 January 1970 WikiUser (diskuse | příspěvky | zablokovat) (X bajtů) (Edit summary) (zrušit editaci)
  • ☐ 00:00, 1 January 1970 WikiUser (diskuse | příspěvky | zablokovat) protected "Page" [Edit=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) ‎ (Log summary) (historie | změnit)

When you click the button labeled Zobrazit/skrýt vybrané revize or Ukázat/skrýt vybrané záznamy at the top and bottom of the page, you will be asked to fill in the reason for the change before the selected revisions/entries will be hidden or shown.

When a revision or log entry is hidden from view in its entirety, it is displayed like that shown below, with the elements hidden from view stricken and greyed out. Once a revision is hidden, the contents of the revision (if hidden), cannot be viewed by any usergroup without the deletedtext right. Trying to compare the revision with other revisions or access its &oldid= page will result in an error stating that the revision has been removed from the public archives. Similarly, trying to search for a hidden log entry by the users involved, when they have been hidden, will turn up no results.

  • (teď | předchozí) 00:00, 1 Jan 1970 (uživatelské jméno odstraněno) (shrnutí editace odstraněno)
  • 00:00, 1 Jan 1970 (uživatelské jméno odstraněno) (podrobnosti odstraněny) (shrnutí editace odstraněno)
Revision deletion remains applied to a page even when deleted. If a page is undeleted, revisions that were previously hidden with RevisionDelete will remain hidden to the public.

Using RevisionDelete

Hiding a revision

The RevisionDelete dialog. The suppression option is included for completeness, although this is only visible to users with the suppressrevision right.

To show/hide a revision, click the small (změnit viditelnost) button next to the relevant revision or log entry that you wish to show/hide. Depending on your permissions, there may be between 3 and 4 different options to choose from:

  • show/hide revision text
  • show/hide edit comment
  • show/hide editor's username/IP
  • Apply these restrictions to Sysops and lock this interface (only available to users with the suppressrevision right)

Tick the checkboxes next to each of the items that you wish to apply to the selected and then provide an informative summary in the "Log comment field". Once this information has been filled in, click the "Apply to selected revision" button to submit the information. If this has been done correctly, Revision visibility successfully set should be displayed on your screen.

Unhiding a revision

To show/unhide a revision, click the (změnit viditelnost) button for the revision or log entry and simply untick all the boxes, provide your summary and click the "Apply to the selected revision" button. Success should be marked by the display of the Revision visibility successfully set message.

Changing the visibility settings

This is quite similar to unhiding a revision; click the (změnit viditelnost) button and tick/untick the options that you wish to modify and click the apply button.

Log entries

Normally, hiding a revision or page history item will produce a log message in the public deletion log or the private suppression log (if "Apply these restrictions to Sysops and lock this interface" is ticked). Log entries created in the public deletion log look like those displayed below for page revision and log entries visibilities respectively.

  • (změnit viditelnost) 00:00, 1 Jan 1970 WikiUser (diskuse | příspěvky | zablokovat) changed revision visibility of Page(hid content, edit summary, username for 1 revision: Log summary) (diff | změnit viditelnost)
  • (změnit viditelnost) 00:00, 1 Jan 1970 WikiUser (diskuse | příspěvky | zablokovat) changed event visibility of (Protection log) ‎ (hid content, edit summary, username for 1 event: Log summary) (změnit viditelnost)

The (změnit viditelnost) link displayed leads to the visibility settings for that particular log entry, while the (změnit viditelnost) button leads to the visibility settings for the page affected by that particular log entry.