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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Notifications/Special:Notifications and the translation is 52% complete.
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Special:Notifications界面,向用户展示所有通知,在每个wiki中都有。 这个界面是你所有通知的收件箱。





  • if you have disabled JavaScript, clicking on a notifications icon (red and blue both work)
  • if you haven't disabled JavaScript, deciding to open that link in a new tab (possible ways to achieve that: mouse-wheel clicking, right-clicking and select "open in a new tab", CTRL+click...).




过滤器 导航





在导航按钮上单击,可以在所有通知、已读和未读之间切换。 通知显示成50条一批。

If you have more that 50 notifications displayed, you can browse all notifications by using the navigation arrows, displayed in the navigation area or at the bottom of the list.

If you need to go back to your most recent notifications, a "今天" button is available.


This page provides a list of notifications in groups of 50. The most recent 2,000 notifications are displayed on Special:Notifications, and older ones are purged from the database to save space.

Mark notifications as read and unread

You can mark notifications as read by clicking on the blue dot in the corner of the notification.

Clicking on the empty circle in the corner of a read notification will mark that notification as unread.

Notifications are grouped by day.

You can mark each group as read individually.

You can mark all unread notifications from all sections as read by clicking on the cog icon: Wikipedia interwiki section gear icon.svg

If there are no notifications to display, an empty state is shown ("没有通知匹配这些标准。").



The column on the left side of the notifications list (right side for left-to-right languages) is dedicated to filters.

Filters provide quick access to pending notifications and allow you to check on new activities.

When you click on a filter, all notifications from that filter are displayed on the notification list.

If there are notifications but the current filter can't display them, then an empty state message is shown ("没有通知匹配这些标准。") and a button allows you to reset filters.

These notifications are grouped by wiki, and the wikis are sorted by the number of unread notifications on each wiki.

The wiki you are currently on is displayed first. If there are no cross-wiki notifications, the wiki you are currently on will be the only one displayed in filters list.

All pages with unread notifications are listed there, with a number indicating how many notifications are pending for that page. Notifications concerning your account (including talk page messages) are displayed first.


Note: all these features are not yet available but their descriptions are written in the present tense to avoid extra work for translators. They will be moved to the appropriate section when available.


The navigation bar allows users to search for specific notifications or to change how the list of notifications is displayed.



The filtering menu may make mobile navigation unconformable. Improvements are under investigation.

您可以按类型过滤通知。 通知类型列举在通知帮助页面