Help:New filters for edit review/Bookmarking

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The New filters for edit review provide an important number of filters. If you use a particular combination often, you can save it to save time.


Create a set of filters[edit]

Select the set of filters you want to save.
Save the set of filters.

Activate a saved set of filters[edit]

You can retrieve a saved set of filters by clicking on Saved filters.

Set a saved set of filter as default[edit]

It is possible to mark a set as default by clicking on the “…” menu, and then on Set as default.

Edit a saved set[edit]

It is possible to rename a saved set by clicking on the "..." menu in the Saved filters menu, and then on Rename.

It is possible to delete a saved set by clicking on the "..." menu in the Saved filters menu, and then on Delete.

To edit a saved set of filters, click on Saved filters and then:

  1. Activate this set
  2. Delete this saved set
  3. Edit the active filters
  4. Save the defined set

Frequent asked questions[edit]

How can I share a saved set of filters with a friend?
It is not possible to share it directly, but there is an alternative: select the set of filters you have saved to activate it, copy the URL from your browser and paste it to your friend's talk page. Your friend will be able to save the set for their own use.
Can I select "display the last 500 edits" or "display edits made since the last 30 days", or activate Live Updates, and save those states?
No, it it not possible. Those functions are sub filters you can handle any time have a broader or a narrower list of results.