Help:Growth/Tools/Impact module


The impact module is primary targeting newcomers. It is provided to our users so that they can know their impact on wiki. The goal is to encourage them to edit, by showing that their edits matter. This feature is part of the Growth team efforts.

The impact module is available at the Newcomers' homepage (visit Special:Homepage at your Wikipedia), but also at Special:Impact.


Total edits
Total number of edits.
Thanks received
Total number of Thanks received, capped at 999.
Last edited
The last time you edited on the main space.
Longest streak
The number of days you edited the wiki in a row.
Your recent activity (last 60 days)
This timeline highlights which days you edited, and the volume of edits made.
This timeline only shows the last 60 days.
Views on articles you've edited
This graph shows the cumulative number of views for articles your edited within the last 60 days.
Most viewed (since your edit)
Most viewed articles you edited, with the number fo views since you edited them.
Five articles are shown in this section, then a link special:Contribution is provided.


On the impact module, when is the data refreshed?[edit]

It is refreshed every 24 hours, except for the number of edits made or the number of thanks received, which are both updated instantly.

On the impact module, which edits are counted in the edit counter?[edit]

Only edits made on the mainspace (edits made at articles on Wikipedia, for instance) are counted. Reverted edits are excluded.

On the impact module, why are some of the numbers displayed inaccurate?[edit]

Due to performance reasons, the impact module surfaces the last $1 edits you made. This number is used to determine your longest streak as well. The impact module's main audience is newcomers. We designed this impact module with the average number of edits and days of presence of typical newcomers. This is why the numbers aren't reflecting the edits of very active users.


The Impact Module was built as part of the Growth team's Positive Reinforcement project.

On November 1, 2023, the new impact module was released to all Wikipedias.