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Workshops organized around Wikimedia and Google Code-in:

ChickTech High School Kick-off 2017[edit]

Wikimedia crew at the ChickTech's 2017 high school kick-off in San Francisco, California


Date(s): December 9-10th, 2017

Venue: August Home Inc, San Francisco, CA

Event URL:


High school students of the ChickTech organization

Learning objectives[edit]

Help high school students accomplish a mix of coding and non-coding Google Code-in tasks, and get excited about contributing to Wikimedia and open source.

Workshop design[edit]

Coding tasks were around writing users scripts and non-coding ones around editing Wikipedia articles. Students of these workshops had beginner level skills in programming; as these topics required minimum pre-requisites and expert knowledge to get started, they were included in the workshop curriculum. 

  • Day 1
    • Icebreaker introductions: “What is your favorite spirit animal?” to set a safe space for participants
    • Workshop sessions:
      • 1: Introduction to Wikimedia, Open Source and Google Code-in
      • 2: Web development basics: introduction to DOM, HTML, CSS, JQuery, understanding how to use developer tools in Chrome, inspecting elements, etc.
      • 3: Completing a Google Code-in task around editing Wikipedia article
  • Day 2
    • Workshop sessions:
      • 1: Getting started with IRC
      • 2: Completing user scripts related tasks in Google Code-in


  • Shared pre-requisites with students that included: creating an account on Wikipedia, registering on the Google Code-in contest and completing the parental consent form before coming to the workshop.
  • Created tasks on Phabricator and importing them on Google Code-in site with help from Wikimedia program administrators.
  • Recruited volunteers to help with the workshop through the Wikimedia-SF mailing listand ChickTech organization.


Students completed user scripts (ChickTech High School Kickoff 2017/Tasks) and edited Wikipedia articles on their favorite topics (task url).


If you have organized a workshop around Google Code-in and would like to document it, post a message on the talk page and let us know!