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Google Code-in 2017 is over. 760 Wikimedia tasks (206 of them "get onto IRC" tasks) were successfully completed thanks to 300 students and 51 mentors. Thanks everybody!

Google Code-in is a contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13-17) to the many kinds of contributions that make free and open source software (FOSS) development possible. Students must complete tasks, one at a time. It is sponsored and run by Google. Wikimedia has participated since 2013 and also takes part in 2017. In 2017, the organization admins are Andre, FlorianSW, John, Reedy, and Srishti.

The Google Code-in 2017 contest runs from November 28, 2017 to January 17, 2018 (see the full timeline).

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Google Code-in 2014 Grand Prize winners

List of Wikimedia mentors[edit]

Please be patient when seeking actions from mentors. Mentors are humans who eventually leave their computers to sleep, work, study. They might be in different timezones than you. It can take your mentor(s) up to 36 hours to review the work that you have submitted. You should be patient and should not ask for a review of your work after only a few hours of waiting. Google Code-In is about the quality of your contributions and learning how FOSS development works, not about the number of tasks that you have completed.

Name IRC nick IRC channel Timezone Areas of interest
Andre Klapper andre__ #wikimedia-devconnect UTC +1 User documentation, Phabricator
Zppix Zppix #wikimedia-devconnect #wikipedia-enconnect, email UTC-5 Documentation
Feroz Ahmad fz-29 email: , #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+5:30 Features for extensions, Documentation
Jonas_Kress_(WMDE) Jonas_WMDE #wikidataconnect UTC +1
Sam Wilson (WMF) samwilson #wikisourceconnect UTC+8 Community Wishlist Survey, Wikisource
Alangi Derick d3r1ck #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+1 MediaWiki & related extensions; i18n
Perside Rosalie r054l13 #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+1 MediaWiki extensions
RexxS (talk) RexxS #wikimedia-devconnect, #wikimedia-ukconnect, #wikipedia-enconnect UTC+0 (GMT) Importing Wikidata into Wikipedia; Lua; templates
Jdlrobson (talk) 21:01, 17 October 2017 (UTC) Jdlrobson #wikimedia-mobileconnect UTC-8 Mobile; Skins;
Niharika Niharika #wikimedia-techconnect UTC-7 On-wiki gadgets, MediaWiki, MediaWiki extensions, Toolforge tools/apps, Community Wishlist
Mvolz (WMF) (talk) Mvolz #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+1 (BST) citoid, Quiz extension
Ragesoss (talk) ragesoss #wikimedia-edconnect UTC-7 Wiki Education Dashboard / Programs & Events Dashboard
Nikerabbit (talk) Nikerabbit #mediawiki-i18nconnect UTC+2 Internationalization, translation tools
Amir Sarabadani (talk) Amir1 #wikidataconnect #wikimedia-aiconnect UTC+2 Wikidata, ORES
Husun Shujaat Husun #mediawikiconnect


UTC+5 User documentation
Legoktm legoktm #wikimedia-devconnect, #wikimedia-techconnect UTC-8 MediaWiki core, MediaWiki extensions, Continuous Integration, QA/testing/static analysis, Pywikibot
mhutti1 mhutti1 #kiwixconnect UTC Kiwix Android App
01tonythomas tonythomas #wikimedia-devconnect UTC + 2 Newsletter extension
Ineuw no IRC presence email UTC-5 (EDT) wiki table design, image display
John Vandenberg jayvdb #pywikibotconnect UTC+7 (ICT/WIB) Pywikibot
Beeyan beeyan (rarely open) email UTC+7 Wikidata; Mobile; accessibility; linguistics; internationalisation; Asian community (especially ID, JV, SU, MIN, ACE, etc)
Sejal (talk) sejal(rarely active) email: #wikimedia-edconnect UTC+5:30 Wiki Education Dashboard / Programs & Events Dashboard User Interface Design/Development
Sonali Gupta mine0901 #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+5:30 Documentation
Volker E. (WMF) VolkerE #wikimedia-devconnect, #wikimedia-designconnect UTC+8 User Interface Standardization, OOjs UI, Design general and Accessibility
Amrit Sreekumar amrits #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+5:30 Documentation, Extension - ProofReadPage
Justin Du MtDu #wikimedia-devconnect UTC-5 Pywikibot, Commons Templates, Dev Environment Setup
Petr Bena petanb #huggleconnect CEST / UTC + 1 Huggle / WM-Bot / Wikimedia labs / MediaWiki API
Edward Afful EddyAfful #wikimedia GMT + 5:30 MediaWiki & related extensions
Filip rlot #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+1 Social-Tools, Dev Environment Setup
prtksxna prtksxna #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+5:30 Documentation, UI standardization, OOUI, Design, Accessibility, Dev Environment Setup
Rachel Farrand rfarrand #wikimedia-devconnect UTC-7 Documentation, research, design, events
Harjot Singh Bhatia harjotsingh #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+5:30 Features for extensions, Documentation
Framawiki framawiki #wikimedia-devconnect
UTC+1 Pywikibot, Huggle, help with Toolslabs/Gerrit/other tech stuff if needed
Srishti Sethi srish_aka_tux UTC-7 Documentation, research, design, templates, and user scripts
Unicornisaurous unicornisaurous #wikimedia-devconnect UTC-5 Mediawiki, Maintenance scripts, API
Eugene Egbe eugene233 #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+1 Mediawiki, Related extensions.
MusikAnimal musikanimal #wikimedia-xtoolsconnect, #wikimedia-devconnect UTC-4 XTools
Trizek (WMF) Trizek #mediawiki-i18nconnect UTC+1 User documentation, translations
Dileep dileep #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+5:30 Documentation, user scripting
There'sNoTime TheresNoTime #wikimedia-devconnect UTC Outreach, research
Sagorika Das sagorika1996 #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+5:30 Documentation, Toolforge tools, MediaWiki API/Database
Emmanuel Engelhart (Kelson) Kelson #kiwixconnect UTC+1 Kiwix, openZIM
Brian Wolff (bawolff) bawolff #wikimedia-devconnect #mediawikiconnect UTC-5 Anything MediaWiki or MediaWiki extensions, particularly backend
Suchakra Sharma (suchakra) suchakra #wikimedia-devrelconnect UTC-7 ChickTech volunteer, user-scripts, docs
Avik Dutt -- Email UTC-8 (PT) ChickTech volunteer, Wikipedia editing
Keerthana S keer25 UTC+5:30 Wiki Education Dashboard / Programs & Events Dashboard
Étienne Beaulé Ebe123 #wikimedia-devconnect UTC-4 MediaWiki extensions
Platonides Platonides #wikimedia-devconnect UTC+1 MediaWiki, extensions
Yana agun bekicot UTC+7 Discourse, Phabricator, User documentation & translation, Ruby
Vivek Maskara maskaravivek UTC+5:30 Am available to mentor projects related to Android. Am active on Github with Wikimedia Android Commons app.

Weekly summary of tasks[edit]

Wikimedia at Google Code-in 2017

Unofficial smalltalk groups[edit]

These groups have been created by participants and are not affiliated with Wikimedia.

Wrap-up blog posts[edit]

At the end of GCI 2017, many students summarized their experience with Wikimedia:

Google posted a summary, announcing the winners.