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Google Code-in is a contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13-17) to the many kinds of contributions that make free and open source software (FOSS) development possible. Students must complete tasks, one at a time. It is sponsored and run by Google. The Wikimedia Foundation has participated since 2013. Read Google's announcement.

The Google Code-in 2019 contest takes place from December 2nd, 2019 to January 23, 2020. Wikimedia's organization admins this year are Andre, Derick, Étienne, Florian, Gopa, Martin.

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Google Code-in 2014 Grand Prize winners

List of Wikimedia mentors[edit]

Please be patient with mentors. Mentors are humans. They sometimes leave their screens to sleep, work, study. They might be in a different timezone than you. Mentor(s) have up to 36 hours to review the work that you have submitted. Please be patient. Do not ask for a review of your work after only a few hours. Google Code-In is about the quality of your contributions and it is about learning how FOSS development works. It is not about the number of tasks that you complete.

Name IRC nick IRC channel Timezone Areas of interest
Andre Klapper andre__ #wikimedia-dev connect UTC+1 User documentation, Phabricator
Sam Walton samwalton9 #wikipedia-library UTC+1 Organizer tools, Library Card platform
Gopa Vasanth Gopa #mediawiki connect, #wikimedia-tech connect UTC+5:30 Mediawiki Skins, Mediawiki Extensions, VideoCutTool.
Ujjwal Agrawal ujjwalagrawal17 UTC+5:30 Wiki Education Dashboard, Wikimedia Commons Android Apps
Vanshika Arora UTC+5:30 Wikimedia Commons App, User Documentation, Structured Commons
Zppix Zppix #wikipedia-dev connect, #wikipedia-tech connect UTC-5 Documentation
Jerop Brenda brendajerop #wikimedia-tech connect UTC+3 MediaWiki Action API, Documentation
Rammanoj potla rammanoj___ #wikimedia-tech connect UTC+5:30 MediaWiki Skin Vector, Wikicontrib
Aditya Jain AdityaJ #wikipedia-library UTC+5:30 Hashtags, Wikilink-tool
Saumya Singh saumya #wikipedia-library UTC+5:30 Android, Frontend, Backend, User Documentation .
Nikerabbit Nikerabbit #mediawiki-i18n, #wikimedia-dev UTC+3 or UTC+2 Translation tools, localisation, internationalisation
Jon Robson jdlrobson #wikimedia-tech #wikimedia-mobile UTC-8 (but on vacation 2-5th December) Mobile, frontend (JS, CSS)
Martin Urbanec Urbanecm #wikimedia-dev UTC+1 Wikimedia CZ Tracker, Toolforge
Pavithra Eswaramoorthy pavithraes #mediawiki connect, #wikimedia-tech connect UTC+5:30 Documentation, MediaWiki Action API
Derick Alangi xSavitar #wikimedia-dev connect UTC+01 MediaWiki, MobileFrontend
Srishti Sethi srish_aka_tux #wikimedia-tech connect UTC-8 Documentation, MediaWiki Action API, Design, Developing Gadgets, WikiContrib tool, etc.
RexxS RexxS #wikimedia-uk connect UTC (GMT/BST) Introducing Lua; using Scribunto and its libraries in Wikipedia
Étienne Beaulé Ebe123 #wikimedia-dev connect UTC-4 MediaWiki extensions; Music handling; Incubator
Stephane Bisson stephanebisson #wikimedia-dev connect UTC-4 MediaWiki Core & Extensions
Tony Thomas tonythomas #wikimedia-dev connect UTC+2 Newsletter extension, Google drive to Wikimedia Commons uploader.
Abdul Wadood abdulwd #kiwix UTC+5:30 Android, Kiwix, Offline Wikipedia
Isaac Hutt mhutti1 #kiwix UTC Android, Kiwix, Offline Wikipedia
Kelson kelson #kiwix UTC Kiwix, openzim, Offline Wikipedia
Piotr Miazga raynor #wikimedia-tech connect UTC+1 PHP, unit testing, MobileFrontend, MinervaNeue, clean code
Marielle Volz mvolz #wikimedia-services connect UTC+1 citoid
Reedy reedy #wikimedia-dev connect, #mediawiki-core connect, #mediawiki connect UTC +0:00 MediaWiki, PHP, AutoWikiBrowser, Wikimedia Stuff (Phabricator, Gerrit, Wikitech...)
Alex Paskulin apaskulin #mediawiki connect, #wikimedia-tech connect UTC-8 Documentation
Laasya sree laasya #mediawiki-dev connect UTC+5:30 Mediawiki Extensions (TitleBlacklist, ReplaceText)
Yash Khare yashk2000 #mediawiki-dev connect UTC+5:30 Android, Wikimedia Commons App, User Documentation
Drishya Ramesh drishya8_ #wikimedia-de-tech connect, #wikimedia-dev connect UTC+5:30 Mediawiki Extensions
Shridhar Goel UTC+5:30 Wiki Education Dashboard Android App, Wikimedia Commons App
Rafid Aslam refeed #wikimedia-dev connect UTC+7 Python, Unit testing, Git, commit-message-validator
Feroz Ahmad fz-29 email: , #wikimedia-dev connect UTC+5:30 Mediawiki Extensions
Amit Joki amitjoki #wikimedia-tech connect UTC+5:30 Documentation, WikiEduDashboard
Khyati Soneji khyatisoneji #wikimedia-tech connect UTC+5:30 Frontend, Backend, WikiEduDashboard

Unofficial smalltalk / chat groups[edit]

These groups have been created by participants and are not affiliated with Wikimedia. Students, mentors and admins are free to join: