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The Frontend Architecture Working Group (FAWG) is established to perform research and planning to explore each of the five recommendations made within the Frontend architecture priorities, findings and recommendations report. This report documents some of Wikimedia's most pressing frontend challenges and it specifically lays out five opportunities for which the working group will evaluate, develop requirements, generate solutions, identify risks, plan contingencies in order to produce well-scoped projects proposals.

Each proposal generated by the working group will be used to scope a project to be developed by a cross-functional team composed of staff from both Product and Technology.

Establishment and rationale[edit]

The working group was established as a direct result of the Frontend architecture priorities, findings and recommendations report that was developed based on the work performed within the Platform Evolution Program over the past 2 years.

Scope and process[edit]

The working group has a mandate to produce outputs as explained within the Scope of work.

In order develop these, we have established a Process which outlines how the working group works together and the logistics of how people participate in the group.

Current exploration[edit]

The current (and first) project of the working group is to select and integrate an open source industry standard frontend JavaScript framework. The full description of this problem is being developed by members of the working group.

Current members[edit]

Members rotate for each project as noted in the process above. The current members of the working group are:

  • Brandon Black, Technology
  • Daniel Kinzler, Technology
  • Eric Gardner, Product
  • Moriel Schottlender, Product
  • Pablo Grass, WMDE
  • Roan Kattouw, Product
  • Santhosh Thottingal, Product
  • Timo Tijhof, Technology

Sponsorship, leadership and facilitation[edit]


The Frontend Architecture Working Group is commissioned by, and its activities are co-sponsored by:

  • Erika Bjune, Chief Technology Officer WMF
  • Toby Negrin, Chief Product Officer WMF
  • Franziska Heine, Head of Software & Development WMDE

Product leadership[edit]

Product leadership and guidance for the working group are co-lead by:

  • Jon Katz, Director of Product Management, Product WMF
  • Danny Horn, Director of Product Management, Product WMF

They ensure that the efforts of the working group are aligned with product plans and are directed towards delivering value for our users.

Engineering leadership and accountability[edit]

The Working Group administration and management are co-lead by:

  • Adam Baso, Director of Engineering, Product WMF
  • Corey Floyd, Director of Engineering, Core Platform WMF
  • Leszek Manicki, Engineering Manager WMDE

They are responsible for establishing the working group, informing the executive sponsors of progress, and working with managers and other leaders to select working group members. They are accountable to the executive sponsors for the deliverables of the working group and ensuring that the activities of the working group are in line with both the Medium Term and Annual Plans, as well as the goals of our departments and organizations.

Facilitation and guidance[edit]

The following people will facilitate and guide the working group throughout the process and work with the members day to day.


Due Task Status
2019-07-30 Draft report Done
2019-08-09 Executive review of report Done
2019-08-22 Initial working group logistics planning begins Done
2019-08-30 Select working group members Done
2019-09-18 Full Working Group Kick-off Done
2019-12-19 Recommendations made for Vue.js Done
TBD Select project cross functional team To do
TBD Teams being working on project To do


To follow what the group is up to please watch the Updates Page

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