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Project / workboard[edit]

Members of the Front-end Standards Group surface front-end development topics from their respective Foundation teams or parts of the organization to the overarching group in order to find common solutions. Much of this group's work is in the Phabricator Front-end standards workboard.

If you like to raise attention about a specific topic to a forthcoming meeting, please add it to the group's Etherpad.

For general questions around the group's activities please contact Volker Eckl <>.

Note: For name differences see Phab project creation rules. With spaces or underscores, the project cannot be mentioned in Markdown.



  • Develop, improve and document libraries and features to standardize on. See the roadmap for more details.


  • Use standard libraries throughout Wikimedia software projects, and support other projects in doing the same.


  • Share technologies and techniques between all projects


Meetings are held every two weeks, alternating between

  • 08:30am to 08:50am (on demand) and
  • 11:00am to 11:50am on Wednesdays (Pacific Time)



Responsible for planning and implementing the software being standardized on.

  • Andrew Russel Green (Fundraising Tech)
  • Bartosz Dziewoński (Contributors > Editing)
  • Ed Sanders (Contributors > Editing)
  • Jan Drewniak (Readers)
  • Jon Robson (Readers > Web)
  • Moriel Schottlender (Contributors > Collaboration)
  • Roan Kattouw (Contributors > Collaboration)
  • Santhosh Thottingal (Contributors > Language)
  • Stephen Niedzielski (Readers > Web)
  • Timo Tijhof (Performance)
  • Volker Eckl (Product Design > UI Standardization)


Responsible for providing additional oversight during planning and implementation.

  • James Forrester (Contributors)
  • Joaquin Oltra Hernandez (Engineering)
  • Brion Vibber (MediaWiki)
  • Derk-Jan Hartman (Community)

External stakeholders

Brought in as needed to share knowledge of specific features and systems.

  • Audiences Design members
  • Community skin authors
  • WMDE design team members

Previous meetings (Archive)[edit]

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