Front-end standards group/2015-10-02




We've started in the revived front end standards group with a nice selection of people throughout teams which are facing front end challenges.
And we've asked the participants to answer these questions:
Goals and how to make best use of the time in these meetings/in that group?

→ Sharing knowledge and getting everyone on same level,
→ leverage transparency on what people are working on,
→ learning the MediaWiki way of doing things and
→ making our libraries more adoptable.
Another topic was about shortcomings in the current RFC process and how to address it in this group, without a definite answer right now.

Requests and Actions[edit]

  • Less and future CSS vars naming (Manual_talk:Coding_conventions/CSS#Less_and_future_CSS_variable_naming_convention Proposal)
    Short discussion about the pros and cons of Hungarian-inspired notation of vars. Also, several people doubted that abbreviating properties --despite given verbosity-- would do good.
    → VE will come up with an extended proposal and a comparison of two useful ways of finding a common ground on CSS variables naming.
  • Similar approach to jshint/jscs for Less/CSS?
    In order to have a more generalized approach to cleaning up the current wide-range of different CSS codes throughout projects, we were discussing similar approaches to jshint/jscs for Less/CSS. The participants in general were positively tending towards a solution, which will be stricter about coding convention in stylesheets. CSSLint has too many bugs and tries to enforce certain things in an not-preferable way.
    → TP will look into possible software candidates and we should then proof the concept with testing on one/a few rules, to see if it achieves our needs.


  • Aligning CSS/Less whitespace with guidelines of PHP & JS:
.mw-selector {
    color: rgba( 255, 0, 0, 0.5 );

Notice the whitespace after starting and before ending bracket and after commas.

  • Updating the CSS/Less guidelines till next meeting → VE

Postponed to next meeting[edit]


  • Bartosz Dziewoński
  • Ed Sanders
  • Elliott Eggleston
  • Jon Robson
  • May Tee-Galloway
  • Timo Tijhof
  • Trevor Parscal
  • Volker Eckl