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Error 500 on install. Details follow:

6 (talkcontribs)

Mediawiki 1.34

PHP Version: 7.3.6

I downloaded and installed DynamicPageList exactly as described, using wfLoadExtension( 'intersection' );, and get a 500 error immediately. PHP Error Log:

Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Unable to open file /home/redacted/public_html/extensions/intersection/extension.json: filemtime(): stat failed for /home/redacted/public_html/extensions/intersection/extension.json in /home/redacted/public_html/includes/registration/ExtensionRegistry.php:136 Stack trace: #0 /home/redacted/public_html/includes/GlobalFunctions.php(52): ExtensionRegistry->queue('/home/mediawiki...') #1 /home/redacted/public_html/LocalSettings.php(134): wfLoadExtension('intersection') #2 /home/redacted/public_html/includes/Setup.php(124): require_once('/home/mediawiki...') #3 /home/redacted/public_html/includes/WebStart.php(81): require_once('/home/mediawiki...') #4 /home/redacted/public_html/index.php(41): require('/home/mediawiki...') #5 {main} thrown in /home/redacted/public_html/includes/registration/ExtensionRegistry.php on line 136

Can anyone point me in correct direction please? Thank you.

K894 (talkcontribs)

Figured it out. The installation instructions say:

wfLoadExtension( 'intersection' );

But to solve the problem, they need to say:

wfLoadExtension( 'Intersection' );

The difference is an upper-case I instead of lower-case i.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

Thanks for noticing the error. Docs fixed!

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

its lowercase i in the git repo, i think maybe it depends on how you download it

K894 (talkcontribs)

@Bawolff Thanks for the clarification. Should it be standard across either download? I can see that difference causing issues. Thanks for your work on this extension. It is exactly what I wanted!

K894 (talkcontribs)

@Bawolff I suggest standardization because Git directs people here for install instructions and the case difference may cause headaches.

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Processing of tle element of the output list

Фил Вечеровский (talkcontribs)

May I processed the element of the output list? For example, show subpagenames for articles which is subpages by using SUBPAGENAME Magic Word.

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

Sorry, not with this version of the extension.

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Is it possible for gallery mode to use the page image, rather than a file?

Blinkingline (talkcontribs)

When I try to create a Dynamic Page List of categories, I'd like to see the page images of the intersecting articles in a gallery format. Is this possible? I tried the following:








It creates a gallery as I would expect, but none of the tiles have images and each one says below it "File not Found"

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

i think gallery mode was created before pageimages were a thing. I think this would make a good feature request

Bawolff (talkcontribs)
Bawolff (talkcontribs)

Just FYI, User:BrandonXLF did this. If you download the most recent version, pageimages will be taken into account.

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Gunnar.offel (talkcontribs)

Is there a way to define the defaults in local settings? That would be nice (for example) to define suppresserrors as true by default, so the expression is not needed every time. --Gunnar.offel (talk) 11:22, 30 October 2019 (UTC)

Bawolff (talkcontribs)


You can use templates (using the {{#tag:DynamicPageList|inside part of tag here...}} syntax) so you dont have to repeat stuff.

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New pages will not be shown until "edit and save without changes" of the page.

2 (talkcontribs)


I'm struggling with the extension.

The newest Pages will only be displayed when i edit the page (the page where the extension is used) and save it without changes.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

The page is cached. You can adjust $wgDLPMaxCacheTime in LocalSettings.php to reduce the time the page is cached, or use a parser function or extension tag that has the side effect of disabling caching, like {{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} (I don't know if that one actually works depending on the type of caching you have)

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Whatamidoing (WMF) (talkcontribs)
Bawolff (talkcontribs)

That's extension:DynamicPageList (third-party), not this one.

As an aside though, I think visual editor is in the wrong for assuming that parser functions (certainly parser funcs with a hash) cannot have duplicate arguments.

Whatamidoing (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Would you like to file a bug against VisualEditor to say that? (If I file it, it's going to sound a lot like "Ask Bawolff what he meant", so it'd probably be more efficient for you to file it.)

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

To be clear, I also think its a super minor bug, and not worth much fuss.

Bawolff (talkcontribs)


In core mediawiki you can use something like {{GENDER:USERNAME|user=male|user=female|user=neutral}} to demonstrate the same bug. Admittedly this is super contrived.

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Ability to set gallery title from information of File

Jamiehutber (talkcontribs)

Currently gallery mode uses the file name as the caption. I'd love to be able to use details from the file upload and display this as the caption name.

I wonder if this is easy to implement? (talkcontribs)

Same question.

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

I guess it could get that info from the same place as extension:MultimediaViewer does (aka via extension:CommonsMetadata or structured data on commons). Certainly not impossible to implement, although i'm not sure if there is anyone interested in doing the work.

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Nliz77 (talkcontribs)

I use duplicator extension to fork existing pages. Is there any way to ensure that only original page and not the duplicated pages gets listed in the dynamic page lists?

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Alexandroslee (talkcontribs)

Can't find intersection.php ?

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)
Alexandroslee (talkcontribs)

Yes ! Thank's a lot, I got it!

ReplicationWiki-fan (talkcontribs)

While the search form includes pages in sub-categories, DynamicPageList appears not to do so. Can this be changed?

Bawolff (talkcontribs)

Honestly, nobody is really working on this extension right now, so probably not.

In principle though, there are some complications from deepcat/etc being outside of the normal db, but probably nothing insurmountable.

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