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This page is a translated version of the page Extension:DeleteBatch and the translation is 38% complete.

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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: stabil
Implementation Special page
Beskrivelse Allows to delete a batch of pages
Forfatter(e) Bartek Łapiński
Latest version 1.8.1 (2018-07-07)
MediaWiki 1.25+
PHP 5.3+
Database changes Nej
Licens GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
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The DeleteBatch extension adds a special page, Special:DeleteBatch, where users with the 'deletebatch' right can delete multiple pages easily. The user can delete pages either through the form or by uploading a text file containing the names (and optional delete reasons) of the deletable pages.

Syntaksen er:

  • sidenavn|Reason for deletion

So if you wanted to delete the page called "Test" with the reason "no longer needed", you'd type:

Test|no longer needed

in the form on Special:DeleteBatch. This extension was based off on the maintenance script with the same name .


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called DeleteBatch in your extensions/ folder.

To users running MediaWiki 1.30 or earlier:

The instructions above describe the new way of installing this extension using wfLoadExtension() If you need to install this extension on these earlier versions (MediaWiki 1.30 and earlier), instead of wfLoadExtension( 'DeleteBatch' );, you need to use:

require_once "$IP/extensions/DeleteBatch/DeleteBatch.php";


By default, this extension lets only bureaucrats delete batches. You can change it to, e.g., let sysops delete batches:

$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['deletebatch'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['deletebatch'] = true;

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