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Erscheinungsstatus: stabil
Einbindung Tag , Parser function
Beschreibung DynamicPageList-based forum software
Autor(en) Ross McClure
Letzte Version 3.6.2 (2019-06-09)
MediaWiki 1.25+
Datenbankänderungen Nein
Lizenz GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Beispiel www.shoutwiki.com Uses Extension:CreateBox
Übersetze die DPLforum Erweiterung wenn sie auf translatewiki.net verfügbar ist
Prüfe die Benutzungs- und Versionsmatrix.

The DPLforum extension is adapted from DynamicPageList and displays forum-style layouts.

New features in version 3.0 include author listings, compact display, and full multipage support. Version 3.1 introduces prefix matching, for better interoperability with CreateBox .

DPLforum führt auch einen neuen Namensraum ein, Forum (und den zugehörigen Diskussionsnamensraum); Standardmäßig ist der numerische Index für diesen Namensraum 110.


  • Füge folgenden Code am Ende deiner LocalSettings.php hinzu:
    wfLoadExtension( 'DPLforum' );
  • Yes Erledigt – Navigiere zu Special:Version in deinem Wiki (bei Einstellung auf deutsch nach Spezial:Version), um zu prüfen, dass die Erweiterung erfolgreich installiert ist.

An Nutzer, die MediaWiki 1.28 und früher betreiben:

Die oben stehenden Anweisungen beschreiben die neue Installationsanweisung für diese Erweiterung unter Verwendung von wfLoadExtension(). Falls du diese Erweiterung in einer dieser früheren Versionen (MediaWiki 1.28 und früher)  – an Stelle von wfLoadExtension( 'DPLforum' ); – installieren musst, benutze:

require_once "$IP/extensions/DPLforum/DPLforum.php";


DPLforum expects parameters in the form of a linebreak-separated list of assignments, as shown here.



  • category={page} - Adds a category to the set of categories. Only pages that belong to each of these categories will be displayed.
  • notcategory={page} - Adds a category to the set of exclusions. Pages that are Not in these categories will be displayed.
  • namespace={text} - Specifies the namespace in which to search. Only one namespace may be specified.
  • prefix={text} - Specifies a prefix to match in the title. Only pages whose titles begin with the specified prefix will be displayed. (New in version 3.1)
  • start={number} - Excludes the first {number} results from the listing.
  • count={number} - Lists no more than {number} results. Currently limited up to 50 results, but the results aren't limited to 50 if this parameter is not specified.
  • title={page} - If specified, this object becomes a forum-style link to the given page. Other parameters still apply.

Structural parameters

  • mode - Specifies the mode of output.
    • mode=table - Default. Displays each entry in a <tr> block. <table> tags are not included, so that each table may be given custom properties.
    • mode=list - Displays each entry in a <li> block. As above, tags such as <ol> or <ul> are omitted.
    • mode=none - Only separates entries with a <br>...</br> tag.
    • mode=count - Returns only the number of entries that match the given parameters. (New in version 3.2)
  • compact - Allows for individual <td> tags to be combined together where appropriate.
    • compact=author - Combines the Title and Author cells.
    • compact=editor - Combines the Edit and Editor cells.
    • compact=all - Combines both.
  • addcreationdate=true - Displays each entry's date of creation.
  • addauthor=true - Displays the original author of each entry.
  • addlasteditor=true - Displays the last editor of each entry.
  • addlastedit=false - Hides each entry's last edit time; shown by default.

Output parameters

  • ordermethod - Specifies the order in which entries are listed.
    • ordermethod=lastedit - Default. Sorts entries by the last time they were edited.
    • ordermethod=created - Sorts entries by the time of their creation.
    • ordermethod=pageid - Sorts entries by their ID numbers; usually equivalent to created.
  • historylink - Provides a link to each entry's history.
    • historylink=embed - Transforms the Edit field into a history link.
    • historylink=append - Appends the history link onto the Edit field.
  • omit={text} - Omits the given text from the beginning of each entry's title.
  • order=ascending - Reverses the sort order.
  • newdays={number} - Marks all links to entries modified less than {number} days ago with class='forum_new'; defaults to 7.
  • timestamp=false - Removes timestamp values from the page links. Timestamps ensure that newly-edited entries don't appear as "visited" links.
  • cache=true - Saves the results of this object to the parser cache. This is false by default unless DPLForum::requireCache is set to true.

Multipage support with #forumlink

The #forumlink parser function creates links to the present page which offset the forum listings by a certain amount. This allows each forum to contain any number of additional "pages". The syntax is as follows:

  • count - represents the number of topics per page.
  • page - specifies the page number, either as an absolute value or a relative offset.
  • text - sets the link text. If this is left blank, the page number is used instead.

Relative offsets and page conditions

When specifying the page, if the number is preceded by + or -, then it is assumed to be a relative offset from the present position. Relative links which would link to pages less than 1 are not displayed.

You may also optionally specify a condition after the page number, which the page must meet in order to be displayed.

For example, to specify a link to the next page when that page is less than 10, use:

{{#forumlink:30|+1<10|Next page}}

A link to the previous page (assuming count=50):

{{#forumlink:50|-1>0|Previous page}}

In conjunction with ParserFunctions, a link to the next page, that won't be displayed when you reach the last page, would be (assuming count=50, only one category specified in category and notcategory is not used):

{{#forumlink:50|+1<{{#expr: ceil ({{PAGESINCATEGORY:{{PAGENAME}}|R}}/50) +1 }}|Next page}}

Conditions may use the <, <=, >, and >= operators.

MediaWiki messages

DPLforum specifies six messages in the MediaWiki: namespace.

  • MediaWiki:Dplforum-by - The word "by", followed by $1 (which is the name of a user)
  • MediaWiki:Dplforum-desc - Show on Special:Version as the extension's description
  • MediaWiki:Dplforum-never - The word "Never".
  • MediaWiki:Dplforum-edited - "Last edited". Separates the title and edit when not in table mode.
  • MediaWiki:Dplforum-toofew - Error message displayed when no categories are given.
  • MediaWiki:Dplforum-toomany - Error message displayed when too many categories are given. This threshold is controlled by DPLForum::maxCategories.


Templates can be used to give a traditional forum appearance with user posts.

Wikis using this extension

See Extension:DPLforum - WikiApiary. It lists wikis using this extension.

The alphabetical links go directly to the main forum index. See Special:Version for each site to see what version of MediaWiki and DPLforum is being used. Special:SpecialPages is usually linked from the sidebar of most wikis (in the toolbox). You can go to Special:SpecialPages to find the link to "Version" which is Special:Version. Some links to forum template categories are also listed below.