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There are several calendar extensions available, which work in different ways:

Name version last update works with MW version features author

Using the extensions:

2.x 2014-08 1.19+ SMW Project

A simple set of customizable
templates using the extensions:

1.0.1 2007-04 1.9+
  • Graphical calendar that highlights days with events
  • List of events with customizable details
  • Each event is an article that can have any set of attributes (participants, name, description)
  • The rule to fetch event pages and details can be customized (example: the template should look for pages belonging to a configurable set of categories ("Events", etc...) and article name prefixes (such as "YYYY/MM/DD my article name") to update the calendar and event list).
wikicalendar (cdamian) 1.16 2010 simple setup, very wiki-like, doesn't use javascript or db tables. Cdamian
GoogleCalendar N/A 2007-04 1.8.2 and up Only lets you view google calendars.

Extension:WikiWidgets is now recommended instead.

Extension:Calendar (Kenyu73) N/A 2/2009  ? to 1.13
Calendar main.JPG
  • Multiple calendars per wiki
  • Entries in calendars are wiki pages
  • iCal, Eventlists and lots of other preferences...
  • Time tracking
maintainer: Kenyu73
original author: Hex2bit
Calendar (Shane) N/A
Calendar (Shane) extended N/A not with v. 1.9.3
SpecialCalendar 2.0 Sbrunner
Simple Calendar 1.21 2007-10 1.6.0+
Cal Jan.png
Simple calendar extension which renders a table of all the months in the year with each day being a wiki article. Can also render a particular month and render your own personal calendar using {{CURRENTUSER}} variable. New query parameter to pre-load content into Calendar articles. You can customize the presentation style of the calendar tables by using Extension:CSS and embedding a parser function {{#css:calendar.css}} into any calendar article.
DPL Calendar 1.6.x and above, broken features (Create event) from 1.19 (not tested on versions in between).
DPL calendar-1.png
A parser-function calendar based on DPL and other extensions. More information
Yet Another Simple Event Calendar 0.2.1 2014-02 tested with 1.22
Yasec 0.2 screenshot.png

Outputs a tabular calendar filled with events automatically generated from page titles in a certain namespace. Based on the intersection extension and the FullCalendar jQuery plugin. No special setup required.

Steffen Beyer and others

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Calendar kit evaluating table[edit]

ID Items\ Calendar kits Simple Calendar Calendar (Kenyu73) DPL Calendar
1 i18n Uses files in the ..\wiki\languages\messages Yes Easy to do by users.
2 Easy to install O O X
3 Custom event titles O O O
4 Watching events made by other person's or group's calendars X Yes Using parameter of "purpose" and Category to deal with this item.
5 Events can be specified with a namespace O Yes O
6 Calendar GUI Good Better Good
7 Switching events to show on the GUI or not X (It's can not show events on the GUI.) O O
8 Easy to switch to previous or next month Using Call extension with the parser function O (Using a Javascript solution) Using Call extension with the switch on the GUI.
9 Switching to show the days of all year or month in the GUI O O X
10 Having another sortable table to show the events Using DPL solution As the calendar does not use the YYYY-MM-DD format, it is difficult to accomplish Default switching by the parameter of "eventList"
11 Having form Solution Using Semantic_Forms to create a red link page with specific namespace X Using Semantic_Forms to create a red link page with specific namespace
12 Emailing a event to specific someone Using Extension:Todo Tasks solution. Using Extension:Todo Tasks solution. Using Extension:Todo Tasks solution.
13 Colors the current day O O X
14 Uses Parser or tag Parser tag Parser
15 Easy to sort the events with DPL or SMW solution (Date format) O (YYYY-MM-DD or others) X O (YYYY-MM-DD)
16 Setting to show a specific year or month. O O O
17 How to make a calendar for a user using By setting events' title By setting events' title By setting events' category