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Developer account

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Most of Wikimedia's technical spaces use a developer account to identify and authorize users. This account provides access to a number of resources for making technical contributions:

  • Commit code to Wikimedia's Git repositories via our code review systems, powered by Gerrit and GitLab . See also Gerrit/Tutorial .

  • Use Wikimedia Cloud Services products that provide cloud computing resources and data services to Wikimedia volunteers. Join Toolforge to run bots and web services or join a Cloud VPS project to test your Wikimedia projects.
  • Contribute operational documentation on Wikitech, our technical documentation wiki.
  • Report and respond to bug reports and feature requests in the bug tracking system used for Wikimedia projects powered by Phabricator. (Note that, unlike the other projects here, Phabricator also allows logging in with a regular Wikimedia account, so it is possible to have a Phabricator account without a developer account.)

Participants in Wikimedia technical spaces are subject to our Code of Conduct.

Create a Wikimedia developer account