Beta beta beta


There are different projects with "Beta" in their name. Depending on the context, people may be referring to one of these. To avoid further confusion, use their proper name.

  1. Beta Cluster, a small wiki farm running the latest alpha version of MediaWiki. See and the other wikis. Sometimes improperly called "Beta labs".
  2. Beta version, see Version#Beta version (versions of MediaWiki core, and of extensions)
  3. Beta Features, a section in user-preferences, created via Extension:BetaFeatures; a way for you to test new features on Wikimedia sites before they are released for everyone.
  4., formerly known as Betawiki
  5. Beta apps, see Wikimedia Apps#Beta Testing
  6. Beta web, see Reading/Web#Beta/Alpha Features; the mobile site's opt-in beta (via Special:MobileOptions)

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