Beta Features/Nearby Pages/Design


Nearby Pages provides a quick way to see pages that are geographically close to the page you are currently on.


  • Provide access to articles which are geographically nearby the current
  • Display article locations relative to each other on a map


  • Try something like an edge menu but from the right side
  • Allow user to use current location rather than article location
  • Allow user to search map to discover articles nearby a specific location
  • Utilize map function to add geolocation to article which does not currently have location information
  • Surface geolocated content from sister projects such as commons and wikivoyage

Design (work in progress)[edit]

The designs are in chronological order. See the last row for the latest iteration.

Name Screenshot Comment
A (a)Nearby Design A.png
  1. Make minor aesthetic changes to the overlay
  2. Add bar to show information like number of places, location and range
  3. Add map from OSM
  4. Show marker of places on map, show bigger marker on hover on a particular page (and vice versa)
B (a)Nearby Design 2a.png

(b)Nearby Design 2b.png

(c)Nearby Design 3a.png

Based on A:

  1. Use map bounds and zooming to set the radius range
  2. Search on map to jump to another location
  3. For places that don't already have a location
  4. Drag the marker around to the correct position
  5. Can we automatically zoom the map into an approximate location based on the category that its in or through some other means?
  6. Real copy?
C (a)Nearby Design Edge.png Experimenting with the edge menu
D (a)Nearby Design D.png

(b)Nearby Design DHover.png

(c)Nearby Design DCollapse.png

(d)Nearby Design DFull.png

(e)Nearby Design DDrop.png

Based on B and feedback from Jdlrobson and MSyed (WMF)
  1. Allow user to collapse the map and keep it that way
  2. Add fullscreen mode
  3. Show world map when there is no information
  4. Add excerpt
  5. Add hover interaction
  6. Move search inside map
  7. Add use current location
E (a)Nearby Design E.png

(b)Nearby Design E Hover.png

(c)Nearby Design E NewPlace.png

(d)Nearby Design E Push.png

(e)Nearby Design E Full.png

Based on D and feedback from Jaredzimmerman (WMF) and MSyed (WMF)
  1. Make excerpt type size bigger and amount of text smaller
  2. Add ellipses after excerpt
  3. Make page title blue
  4. Remove Hide map for now, maybe we can show a small icon on hover if we decide to keep the feature
  5. Move the on hover marker alongside the title
  6. Remove current/search location if location is already set
  7. Add a link to say that this article does not need a location
  8. (d) is the edge menu that pushes the content
  9. Big map to take half of the screen and push the content aside

Get in Touch[edit]

Even though all the feedback should stay on the talk page there are some other places where you can follow the progress as well -