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Architecture committee/2015-05-13

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People present: Daniel, Gabriel, S, Kevin Smith, Tim

Minutes from last week: Architecture committee/2015-05-06

Pending action items[edit]

RFCs to triage[edit]

IRC meeting scheduling[edit]

This week[edit]

Next week (in Lyon)[edit]

  • Automatically tag edits that make a redirect, that converts a redirected page to a normal page, moves across namespaces and others phab:T73236

Other business[edit]

Architecture meeting update[edit]

  • Gabriel: gave update on arch meeting yesterday, see phab:T96903
    • priority is content
    • The usual issue: if we move to SOA, what happens to PHP-only shared hosting? Daniel: isolated APIs and continue a duplicated PHP implementation. Gabriel: or move to next-generation containers.
    • We're already there for VisualEditor (requires Parsoid), but it's optional. As we build new features and front-ends on top of HTML storage...
    • Daniel: abstraction layer for content, need to Associate multiple content with one revision. How to present this.
    • Brion had idea of representing multimedia with a tag extension.
    • Gabriel: Challenge of caches. e.g. Lead images for mobile is going to be stored in RESTBase, graphoid data, ...

Old (2007) demo for XSLT based skinning, assembling wiki pages on the client: http://brightbyte.de/page/Client-side_skins_with_XSLT

Lyon hackathon and ArchCom[edit]

Daniel: two sessions + Wikidata session. From phab:tag/hackathon-lyon-2015/ :

  1. Governance: phab:T89907 "Discuss and approve a MediaWiki developer community governance model at Lyon hackathon"
  2. Priorities: phab:T91744 "Have an architecture guidelines & roadmap session at the Lyon hackathon". But phab:T96903 is a long list.
    • Daniel: this is a hackathon, not an Architectural Summit.
    • Gabriel: * what is concrete?
    • Tim: what is going to happen in the next 6 months or year?
    • Maybe concrete session on how the content clients above will be using RESTBase
    • Tim: Metadata storage, how to attach metadata to revisions, e.g. mobile lead images
    • Daniel: agree on direction if not on the goal.
  3. plus Wikidata "bitching session" phab:T92505

(Wikimedia Hackathon 2015 is empty)

Discussion for Hackathon:

  • generic mechanism / infrastructure for storing multiple revision-associated kinds of content
  • HTML5 content model, widgets, structured data extraction and * presentation

Next week May 20: ArchCom meeting focus on hackathon, no public IRC meeting.
Pick an RfC for discussion at hackathon?, e.g. phab:T73236
Gabriel: Or draft a problem description for discussion.

New action items[edit]

S to bulk-edit tasks in phab:tag/archcom/ that should be in MediaWiki-RfCs and not on this board.