Architecture committee/2015-05-06

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People present: Brion, Daniel, Mark, Gabriel, Roan, Tim, S, Kevin Smith
Apologies: Trevor

RFC work board: phab:tag/mediawiki-rfcs/
ArchCom board (process stuff): phab:tag/archcom/
Minutes from last week: Architecture committee/2015-04-29

Pending action items[edit]

From last week:

  • Go through approved RFCs and make sure they are on someone's board


S will publish sanitized backlog of minutes. still TODO, he cleaned #Architecture tag, Daniel added some ideas

RFCs to triage[edit]

(see board)
Nothing in Inbox. ArchCom workboard has some RFCs on it (Daniel will remove tag), but none are new.
Updated phab:T95654 "RFC: Business Layer Architecture on budget" with meetbot conclusion, assigned back to Yurik

IRC meeting scheduling[edit]

This week[edit]

  • Re-evaluate varnish-level request-restart behavior on 5xx phab:T97206
  • Request timeouts and retries phab:T97204

Next week[edit]

Other business[edit]

Can we resolve:

  • phab:T340 "Start the process of expanding the arch committee"? A: Yes
  • phab:T590 "RfC: Graph"? -> Brion
  • phab:T488 "Define a process to involve the community triaging and promoting architecture RfCs"? A: OK

Hackathon discussion on future of cte:

  • Gabriel: should we be clear in advance that we are waiting for Rob to be back before we commit to long term plans?
  • Brion: focus on top priorities, content; solicit feedback on structure, but don't make it the main focus
  • Daniel: we could have a discussion about legitimisation and community involvement in the c'tee
  • Could talk about non-WMF users and their needs

GSoC topics

  • Students will be at Lyon
  • Improving documentation: better mid-level documentation, like $IP/docs directory, synchronised with wiki

Committee (phab:T89907):

  • defer *decisions* until Rob, but brainstorm and present ideas / options
  • figure out big questions / goals, think about structure to make that happen
  • Tim: survey about value of architecture committee?

New action items[edit]