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As wikis académicas são wikis de terceiros destinadas a serem utilizadas ​​num contexto académico com uma maior ênfase nas funcionalidades, tais como controlo de acesso, aprovação de conteúdo, e análise de investigação.

Para outras utilizações de terceiros do MediaWiki, por favor, consulte Centro do administrador de sistemas.

Partilha de Conhecimentos

Many academic wikis are using Extension:Semantic MediaWiki and leveraging the semantic web to share data. The MediaWiki API can also be used to mine data from other sites; combined with an scheduler program like Cron this can lead to semi-automated data distribution.

Controlo de Acesso

Criação de Conta

Modelo Vampiro

O "modelo vampiro" consiste em duas regras:

  1. apenas os utilizadores registados podem editar
  2. apenas os utilizadores registados podem criar contas

This method of account-creation removes the burden of making all accounts from single user/admin, this greatly simplifies matters. Because trust of peers is relatively high in an academic setting, a single account can be made for a P.I., who then can make accounts for their students. Because MediaWiki logs all account activity it is (relatively) easy to track accountability for creation of spam/bot accounts.


Extension:LDAP Authentication
Leverage an existing LDAP (including Microsoft Active Directory, Kerberos) as a single sign-on
Extension:Windows NTLM LDAP Auto Auth


Segurança de conteúdo

Collaboration with commercial entities on academic projects, may require site content security. This extension has been created for this purpose.

Integração com o Software de Terceiros

Gestão de Documentos


Bundled with core, required for complex templating including most WP templates.
2010-era wikitext editor sponsored by WikiMedia.
A Polished skin for MediaWiki that comes bundled by default. Enable Extension:Vector for advanced functionality for this skin.
Display citations to show where information originated. This is particularly useful when merging data from a single document on multiple wiki pages to indicate why the information is authoritative.
Forms-based editor for wiki-tables.

Navegação e Pesquisa

Navigation aid when traversing the wiki, usually used to display and highlight a category hierarchy.
Improve category listings with counters for contained pages of sub-categories.
An alternative to the default search engine, lightweight but allowing more robust indexing of content through the third-party Sphinx engine.
Extension:Lucene-search -- more complicated but more robust still, used by large wikis like Wikipedia
Extension:Semantic MediaWiki
Allows you to add meta data to content in wiki articles and providing a query language for dynamically retrieving content including properties and lists of articles.

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