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Academic wikis are third-party wikis meant to be used in an academic context with a greater emphasis on features like access control, content approval, and research analysis.

For other third-party uses of MediaWiki, please see Sysadmin hub.

Обмен Знаниями

Many academic wikis are using Расширение:Semantic MediaWiki and leveraging the semantic web to share data. The MediaWiki API can also be used to mine data from other sites; combined with an scheduler program like Cron this can lead to semi-automated data distribution.

Контроль Доступа

Создание Учетной Записи

Модель вампира

Модель вампира состоит из двух правил:

  1. Только зарегистрированные участники могут изменять
  2. Только зарегистрированные участники могут создавать учетные записи

This method of account-creation removes the burden of making all accounts from single user/admin, this greatly simplifies matters. Because trust of peers is relatively high in an academic setting, a single account can be made for a P.I., who then can make accounts for their students. Because MediaWiki logs all account activity it is (relatively) easy to track accountability for creation of spam/bot accounts.


Leverage an existing LDAP (including Microsoft Active Directory, Kerberos) as a single sign-on


Content security

Collaboration with commercial entities on academic projects, may require site content security. This extension has been created for this purpose.

Integration with Third-Party Software

Управление документами


Bundled with core, required for complex templating including most WP templates.
Bundled with core, required for especially complex templating including many WP templates.
Bundled with core, 2010-era wikitext editor sponsored by Wikimedia.
A Polished skin for MediaWiki that comes bundled by default.
Bundled with core, displays citations to show where information originated. This is particularly useful when merging data from a single document on multiple wiki pages to indicate why the information is authoritative.
Forms-based editor for wiki-tables.

Навигация и Поиск

Navigation aid when traversing the wiki, usually used to display and highlight a category hierarchy.
Расширение:Дерево категорий
Improve category listings with counters for contained pages of sub-categories.
An alternative to the default search engine, lightweight but allowing more robust indexing of content through the third-party Sphinx engine.
Расширение:Semantic MediaWiki
Allows you to add meta data to content in wiki articles and providing a query language for dynamically retrieving content including properties and lists of articles.

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