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Andre Klapper
Bug wrangler, Wikimedia Foundation
Andre Klapper

About me

  • I am Andre and I'm a bugmaster. In the free and open source software world I spend some time on Wikimedia, GNOME, Maemo, Mer and Mozilla. I live in Europe and I occasionally blog.

My work

I'm Wikimedia's bug wrangler since October 2012. This means I manage issue reports and enhancements requests in the Wikimedia bugtracker (Bugzilla). I "triage" and clean up reports to get them into a valuable state whenever needed, maintain the bugtracker by adding / setting new products, milestones, versions etc, do some Bugsquad community building, and describe and improve workflows and common practices in bug report management. All information on Wikimedia bug management can be found here. This activity is also part of the Release and QA team. (Until 09 January 2013 I just had one user account, Malyacko, for my personal and staff edits.)
Disclaimer: I work for or provide services to the Wikimedia Foundation, and this is the account I try to use for edits or statements I make in that role. However, the Foundation does not vet all my activity, so edits, statements, or other contributions made by this account may not reflect the views of the Foundation.

Contact me

Work status updates[edit | edit source]

Bugzilla[edit | edit source]


Bugzilla was migrated to Phabricator (see announcement on wikitech-l). All tasks and accounts (which need to get claimed by their users) were imported into Phabricator. Bug management or Bugzilla related documentation was updated accordingly. Details and a list of all the steps performed for the migration are also available. Bugzilla is still available at - see Phabricator/versus_Bugzilla for more information and differences between Phabricator and Bugzilla. Bugzilla users which were default CC or default assignees of components in Bugzilla were contacted to join their corresponding projects in Phabricator. Change notifications to the wikibugs-l mailing list are disabled as they were considered too noisy. Availability of batch editing is currently restricted to members of the Triagers project. After the migration, several projects were renamed or newly created (such requests are handled in the Project-Creators project in Phabricator).

Phabricator[edit | edit source]


Wikimedia migrated from Bugzilla to Phabricator for issue tracking. All Bugzilla tasks and accounts (which need to get claimed by their users) were imported into Phabricator. URLs for Bugzilla reports are redirected to the corresponding tasks in Phabricator. (Details and a list of steps performed for the Bugzilla migration are available.) Bugzilla accounts that were default CC or default assignees of components in Bugzilla were asked to join their corresponding projects in Phabricator. Furthermore, Diffusion (for hosting and browsing repositories, to replace gitblit) got enabled in Phabricator, redirects to, the Gerrit notification bot creates notifications in a corresponding Phab task even when the commit message contains a link to a Bugzilla ticket, and the notification feature in the top bar of Phabricator got enabled. Work continues on common project management guidelines and providing burndown charts for sprints. Next on the Phabricator migration plan is RT, followed by Mingle and Trello.