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Wikipedia Education Program/Dashboard/1.0 alpha release

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We need a small group of testers to try out our new features. Note: We welcome your enthusiasm, but this release cannot be used to organize an actual program, only to simulate one. There are bugs, things will break, and your data will almost certainly be erased.

If you’re interested in exploring and submitting bugs, please visit: https://wikiedu-dashboard-staging.wmflabs.org. To test the dashboard in your language, please set your browser’s preferred language (this will be improved for the beta release).

Features ready for testing

  • Articles can be from any language or project wiki.  Article links in the interface point to the correct wiki.
  • Interface streamlined to not display training or online help.
  • Wording changed from "courses" and "students" to "programs" and "editors", etc.
  • All users have permissions to create and manage programs.

What's missing?

  • Metrics should be pulled from the respective wikis for each article. This has been implemented in theory, but is untested.
  • Interface messages are not 100% available for translation, many are still hardcoded in English.
  • User pages always link to English Wikipedia. This is obviously wrong, we'd like to allow users to set their own home wiki.
  • Universal Language Selector so that testers can easily change their interface language. Currently you have to set your browser's preferred language.
  • Make it easier to join a program. Make the passcode optional. More prominent "Join a Program" buttons.
  • Cohort and Tags are not useful. These need to be designed better.
  • User interface review.
  • Program start and end date should be optional. Institution should be optional.

Please report bugs on Phabricator. For longer and more general comments, please post them here.