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Do you use the current course page software? Let us know what changes you would most like to see.

The Education Program extension is currently in active use on a number of Wikipedias, with experimental use on other projects (Wikiversity, Wikinews) as well. Andrew Russell Green and Sage Ross are currently working on improving the user experience and squashing the extension's bugs. Bugs and feature requests managed on Phabricator at the MediaWiki-extensions-EducationProgram Workboard.

Current plans[edit]

Although it is functional and meets some of the needs that aren't met by using conventional wiki pages to organize educational assignments, the current user experience for the course pages and other elements of the Education Program extension need to be overhauled. We anticipate that Andrew will continue developing it gradually, while the WMF may or may not develop a more general system for supporting in-person outreach efforts later on. So we plan to redesign the current system piece by piece, making the new elements as modular as possible. See also the Education-Program-Dashboard Workboard on Phabricator.

Current goals[edit]

  • More Notifications (FBOA students Jeff and JJ are working on these)
    • Notify students of talk page posts on their articles
    • Notify users when they are added by others to a course role (student, instructor, volunteer)
  • Begin creating general editor campaign tools, which will eventually replace the EducationProgram extension
    • Early work will focus on defining groups through signup campaigns

Medium term goals[edit]

  • Create a way to extract lists of student usernames for one or many courses at once (either by having the EP extension talk to the Editor Campaigns system, or just a standalone EP special page that outputs CSV files)

Nice to have[edit]

  • Fix students table bugs (these represent legacy code issues, but are probably easy enough to be worth patching)
    • Make non-existent articles in students table behave better (redlinks, letting user add more than one, don't break when the article gets created then re-added) (bug 57608)
    • Convert article urls ( a common mistake among students) into titles (bug 44397)
  • Provide a way for students to request help, wherever they are on Wikipedia.
  • Make iterative improvements to the course activity feeds.
    • Inline diffs like WritKeeper's script
    • Basic stats on recent and total activity for a given course

Long term goals[edit]

  • Turn main course page into something awesome (with modular parts that may appear or not based on use case and which user is using it)
  • Integrate trainings into course pages
  • Integrate a course creation wizard into course pages

Design ideas and mockups[edit]

Diagram of some of the main workflows associated with course pages: setting up a course page before an assignment begins (pink), updating a course page while an assignment is going on (blue), and participating in an assignment from beginning to end as a student editor (green).
Course page redesign mockup by Sage Ross, from May 2013.


The Education Program extension is currently in use on English Wikipedia and a number of other Wikimedia wikis. After initial development by Jeroen De Dauw (see initial Software design document), it was deployed on English Wikipedia in late 2012, and has been used actively since the beginning of 2013, with maintenance by Jeroen until July 2013. In October 2013, Andrew Russell Green began working as the primary developer of the extension. Algumas Escolas in Brasil tem usado muito a MediaWiki para desenvolver excelentes trabalhos de produção colaborativa com os alunos e professores. Quero destacar aqui a School Municipal Inspector France na cidade de Uberlândia-Mg que vem desenvolvendo produções colaborativas usando wiki com seus alunos. A School Inspector France fica situado na cidade de Uberlândia, no Triângulo Mineiro no Estado de minas Gerais na região sudeste. A School Inspector France está vinculada à Secretaria Municipal de Educação. A Secretaria Municipal de Educação tem como principais atribuições formular e coordenar a política municipal de educação e supervisionar sua execução nas instituições que compõem sua área de competência. Instituições sob a direção da Secretaria Municipal de Educação de Uberlândia-MG: Em julho de 2015 a rede municipal contava com 54 escolas:

EM Afrânio Rodrigues da Cunha

EM Afrânio Rodrigues da Cunha

EM Amanda Carneiro Teixeira

EM Antonino Martins Silva

EM Bairro Shopping Park

EM Boa Vista

EM Carlos Tucci (EM Babilônia)

EM do Moreno

EM Dom Bosco

EM Domingas Camim

EM Doutor Gladsen Guerra de Rezende

EM Doutor Joel Cupertino Rodrigues

EM Emílio Ribas

EM Eugênio Pimentel Arantes

EM Freitas Azevedo

EM Guarda Antônio Rodrigues Nascimento

EM Hilda Leão Carneiro

EM Inspetora France Abadia Machado Santana

EM Irmã Odélcia Leão Carneiro

EM José Marra da Fonseca

EM Leandro José de Oliveira

EM Mário Alves Araújo Silva

EM Odilon Custódio Pereira

EM Olhos D'Água

EM Presidente Itamar Franco

EM Professor Domingos Pimentel de Ulhôa

EM Professor Eurico Silva

EM Professor Jacy de Assis

EM Professor Ladário Teixeira

EM Professor Leôncio do Carmo Chaves

EM Professor Luis Rocha e Silva

EM Professor Mário Godoy Castanho

EM Professor Milton de Magalhães Porto

EM Professor Oswaldo Vieira Gonçalves

EM Professor Otávio Batista Coelho Filho

EM Professor Sérgio de Oliveira Marquez

EM Professor Valdemar Firmino de Oliveira

EM Professora Benedita Pimentel de Ulhôa Rocha

EM Professora Carlota de Andrade Marquez

EM Professora Cecy Cardoso Porfírio

EM Professora Gláucia Santos Monteiro

EM Professora Iracy Andrade Junqueira

EM Professora Irene Monteiro Jorge

EM Professora Josiany França

EM Professora Maria Regina Arantes Lemes

EM Professora Maria José Mamede Moreira

EM Professora Maria Leonor de Freitas Barbosa

EM Professora Olga Del Fávero (CAIC Laranjeiras)

EM Professora Orlanda Neves Strack

EM Professora Stella Saraiva Peano (CAIC Guarani)

EM Sebastiana Silveira Pinto

EM Sebastião Rangel

EM Sobradinho

EMEI do Bairro Santa Mônica


Prefeitura Municipal de Uberlândia l[1] consultado em 15/04/2016

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