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Weekly to Monthly meetings[edit]

The following meetings are specific to the Technology department or especially relevant:

Face to Face (F2F) Technology Management meetings[edit]

As the Technology management team is highly remote (only 4 out 13 regular members are local to SF), managers try to get together physically multiple times per year to have high-bandwidth in-person meetings.

  • Upcoming in-person meetings (planned)
    • Tentative: Nov 2019, Atlanta, adjacent to Technical Conference.

Contacting People[edit]

There are no contact lists specifically for the Technology Department. General resources include:

  • Wikimedia Foundation Staff & Contractors page (Public - managed by Talent & Culture)


IRC and Google chat are the main methods of communication. IRC has extensive documentation, is recorded, and depending on the channel, is open to the public. Documentation. List of WMF Channels.

  • TBD: norms for the department? Should each team have a channel? What are the expectations for responsiveness, if any? When should you use IRC to ask for attention vs filing a ticket or emailing or other?


There are no video tools or norms specific to the Technology Department. Our primary tool for meetings is Google Meet.

Shared Calendars[edit]


Mailing Lists[edit]

Some lists are open to any subscriber or archived publically. Other lists are restricted to WMF staff or subsets of staff. Assume that anything written to any list may ultimately become public.

Key public mailing lists[edit]

wikimedia-l Active list with passionate community members - let’s chat about this. General hub of information.
wikitech-l Developers of mediawiki
engineering Anyone (fully public now. Was previously private)
ops Operations staff, volunteers and some developers

WMF lists[edit]

wmfall All employees and employee-like contractors, some contractors, and the occasional Board member.
wmfsf All people working in and around SF office; some Board members and non-local staff. C-level team Editing Audience

Technology Department lists[edit] Everybody in the Technology Department Information primarily for managers in the Technology Department. Includes people who do some managerial work but are not formal people managers, such as Product Managers. Open to anyone at WMF. Similar to tech-dept-info, but limited specifically to people managers and used only for information that should remain private. Note that long-term privacy is not guaranteed and should not be assumed. Analytics team Community Tech team CTO, Program Managers in Technology, eng-admin Discovery Audience Project Coordinators and Assistants in Technology MW core team Operations Reading Audience Release Engineering team (internal/coordination only, otherwise all on qa@ and wikitech-l@) “a cross-departmental list for researchers at the WMF”. Also includes research fellows and NDA’ed collaborators WMF Research department (internal discussion) Operations, security experts across the org. Specifically: root, Darian Patrick, Chad Horohoe, Sam Reed, Tim Starling, Roan Kattouw, Andre Klapper, Timo Tijhof, James Forrester, Katie Horn, Greg Grossmeier, Guillaume Paumier. Product managers and others


The Technology Department's blogging plans are in development.