Scrum of scrums

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Many Wikimedia Engineering teams are using the scrum agile method. To keep projects and teams abreast of one another, we have a weekly scrum of scrums (SoS) meeting where representatives from each department exchange updates. The meeting is currently held on Wednesdays at 17:35 UTC (10:35 Pacific), and is facilitated by a rotating chair.



  • Please have your updates in the etherpad before the meeting starts
  • Do not read your content in the etherpad out loud.  Instead:
    • Indicate blockers or teams that you are about to block
    • Be selective in speaking to things that truly are affecting a larger portion of the dev community
    • Share higher-level summaries of changes that will impact other teams, call-outs, asking each other questions, and celebrating successes
  • Share relevant info from meeting with your team

Rules of engagement[edit]

  • If you must miss a meeting and cannot send a proxy, then before the meeting you must enter your answers to the SoS questions (below) on the meeting Etherpad
  • Be prepared. Have your updates and dependencies ready, and, review/update the dependency wall before the meeting.

Each representative answers the following:

  • What has your team done since we last met?
  • What will your team do before we meet again?
  • Is anything slowing your team down or getting in their way?
  • Are you about to put something in another team’s way?

Facilitator responsibilities[edit]

  • Ensure meeting starts/ends on time
  • Ensure conversation stays focused and relevant; direct conversations to happen off-line as needed
  • Ensure there is an owner for cross-team commitments when possible (e.g. if one team needs a particular patch reviewed urgently, try to get someone in the room to commit to helping them out)
  • Ensure dependency wall is up-to-date
  • Ensure clear notes are taken and posted (traditionally emailed to, as a link to a wiki page (see below)).
    • It is valuable to highlight particularly important action items/needs/touchpoints
    • It is also valuable to keep track of which teams are present at SoS and encourage missing teams to respond to the questions/review the dep board via email

Meeting notes[edit]