Wikimedia Technical Conference/2019/Unconference


This page will be used to show the schedule of the unconference sessions.[edit]

  • All day Wednesday we will be collecting physical un-conference session proposals in the Basswood room.
  • Thursday morning break will be used for dot voting for sessions that attendees are interested in.
  • Unconference sessions will be published by the end of lunch Thursday.

Unconference session leaders should organize note taking and facilitation for their sessions.

Available facilitators: Aubrey, Brooke

Available note takers: Nick, Chris, Will, Brennan

Unconference sign-up sheet[edit]

Emory Conference Center Venue Map

Rooms that we'll be using for unconference sessions:

  • Oak Amphitheater: 70 person capacity, classroom style, projector and microphones
  • Azalea: Breakout room, 40 person capacity, classroom setup, projector
  • Magnolia: Board room setup, 14 people
  • Birch: Classroom, 10 people

Day 3 - Thursday November 14th[edit]

Time Oak Amphitheater Azalea Magnolia Birch
14:45 RFCs / TechComm, how could RFCs be more useful (ticket) Ideas for proposing changes to/validating with our communities (ticket) How can we automate new wiki creation (notes) (ticket) What could be the small things to do to make Wikisource less annoying? (ticket)
15:30 Break
16:00 Interactive content at Wikipedia: how to even start (ticket) CI counselling session 100% free (ticket) wikibase, wikidata & things (ticket) Movement Strategy 2030
16:30 How do we know we are productive? Engineering Metrics (ticket) Wikia/Fandom's solution to MW configuration management at scale (ticket) Wikibase as a service (shared platform) MVP /prototype demo Write an extension for displaying Discourse feeds on (ticket)
17:00 Documentation Sprint

Day 4 - Friday November 15th[edit]

Time Oak Amphitheater Azalea Magnolia Birch
11:00 Break
11:30 New CI / Argo k8s for CI workloads challenges, details, paths forward (ticket) Wikimedia Space solves all your (communication) problems* (ticket) JS Framework Experience Sharing (ticket)
12:00 kiwix / open ZIM. portfolio software stack, future ?, tech needs What is a technical contribution? (ticket)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Global templates! Let's flesh it out (ticket) Logspam - how do we have less / surface it to the right people? (ticket) Phpunit what can we improve can we remove phpunit.php wrapper script + etc The gradation of participation - what is a third party? Defining a common phrase with a common – and shared – understanding (ticket)
14:00 What user analytics would help you as a developer? (ticket) [Workshop] I'll help you replace Travis with Actions for GitHub-mastered repos (ticket) Ukulele to wikitext
14:30 Break