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Wikimedia Technical Conference/2019

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Participants of this event agree to follow the Friendly Space Policy and the Code of Conduct for Wikimedia Technical Spaces.

The nomination process and registration for this event are CLOSED and the event is full. We are no longer able to accept new participants to this event. If you would like to participate please add your thoughts, ideas, and comments to the session discussions which you will be able to find on our Phabricator work-board.

Vision Statement[edit]

Becoming the essential infrastructure of Free Knowledge requires a diverse and equitable technical contributor community (staff and volunteers alike). To reduce barriers to entry and to enable faster and easier development, we must provide a modern and complete engineering productivity ecosystem. Everything from code-review and code health, to local development and testing, from proof of concept creation to production deployment and monitoring.

Themes: testing, deploying/hosting, people and tool processes and integrations, standardization decisions, local development and onboarding.

Wikimedia Technical Conference 2019 intends to help address all of the issues — large and small — that will make all parts of our engineers' lives happier, healthier, and more productive.

Information for participants[edit]


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Additional important information[edit]

Program Committee and Organizing team[edit]

Contact the entire Program Committee via wmtc19pc@wikimedia.org

Special thanks to Raz Shuty (WMDE) who served on the Program Committee until August 2019 and then switched out with Leszek.