Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Quarterly review, January 2015


Date: January 23rd | Time: 17:00 UTC | Slides | Notes



  • Lead: Greg
  • Team: Antoine, Chad, Chris, Dan, Elena, Mukunda, Rummana, Sam, Zeljko

What's Next (Priorities)[edit]

Objective Measure of success Who Dependency ETA Status (Jan '15)
Beta Cluster stability Chad, Mukunda, Reedy, Dan Ops March 2015 Begun special medal to YuviPanda
Successfully re-integrate MediaWiki releases Ontime release of MW 1.25 - task T88709 Chad, Reedy, Greg MW Core May 25, 2015 Just begun, talk more at the Dev Summit
Isolated CI instances We use single-use test instances for CI - task T47499 Antoine, Željko Ops/Labs July 2015 (reasonably) Draft architecture plan available
Team process improvements Follow-up to determine the needs - task T88708 Chris TPG June 2015 Begun
QA for Editing and Mobile Apps teams (Ongoing) Continued successful releases of VE and Mobile Apps Elena, Rummana Editing/Mobile none Ongoing

Ongoing Team responsibilities (as-needed)[edit]

  • Deployment tooling: Sam, Mukunda, Chad
  • Automated browser tests: Chris M, Zeljko
  • Manual browser testing: Rummana, Elena
  • Vagrant: Dan