Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/MediaWiki on Kubernetes/Meeting notes/2021-03-17




TODOs from last time[edit]



  • Multiversion MediaWiki built and published!
    • Includes l10n caches
    • Size varies depending on the number of unique versions currently in wikiversions.json, roughly 3.2G per version (+ 50M for config)
    • Successfully published to the restricted registry
  • Some outstanding issues withe the releases hosts, namely that outbound http is restricted so containers cannot install from
  • Security patches and private settings need to be applied
    • (discussion about building into final image layers vs. helm)
    • Will continue with current strategy of adding into final image layers


Platform Engineering[edit]

Shellbox: awaiting security review (T268092)

TODOs for next time[edit]

  • Start thinking about deployment strategy for m8s, both for legacy deployments and the eventual k8s-only deployments
    • Not quite ready for a proposal but we'll be there soon
  • Dan: I'll be out on paternity leave in early May for a few weeks—and I'll likely be sleep deprived for weeks following. Who wants to take over as lead for this meeting?