Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-02-14

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Last Time[edit]



  • Currently installs from nvm
  • could be installed from a base image
    • i.e. specific images for the node version
  • Could use package.json spec for php
    • hhvm vs php5 vs php7
  • Images in testing vs images in production pipeline
  • Differences of note:
    • hipdump installed for all services (with chrome) -- not in testing
    • npm deduplication (see also npm shrinkwrap)
  • Dockerfiles are not the abstraction for repo maintainers


Need a registry and some base image.

  • Questions for operations
    • What do the base images look like? How are they created? Are they signed?
    • Re: Some Build Manifest Abstraction, do we limit package installation from certain apt sources?
    • What do they need from this pipeline
    • Base image updates trigger new builds/tests/everything
      • Example: firejail updates
      • Currently manual testing in beta and rollout

As Always[edit]