Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/DataDataData Sync Up/2019-05-21

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Phab task[edit]

Last time[edit]

  • Previous meeting was long ago...

Today's Agenda[edit]

    • Vacation and not much movement
    • Review requirements
    • Go over email draft

What data we have currently or are planning to collect[edit]

  • Schema
  • Data samples

How we might want to query that data[edit]

  • Our data is highly structured (see schemas)
    • Is Hadoop or ES more appropriate for that? Would we lose structure by putting it in Hadoop?
    • How much do we have to know about how data's structure before we put it in ES?
      • Can relationships/schema be changed after data is stored?

TODOs (by next meeting)[edit]

  • Dan to send email to Analytics and set up meeting