Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Clinic Duty

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Release Engineering Team (RelEng) clinic duty is a rotating position that is responsible for triage and response for incoming tasks in addition to common maintenance tasks.

The RelEng clinic duty team is analogous to


  • Perform common maintenance tasks that folks might ask us for:
    • Gerrit permissions/repos
    • CI whitelist additions
    • Phabricator 2FA resets
    • Document "runbooks" or "howtos" for the above and any new recurring maintenance tasks, link to them from the clinic duty page
  • Handle "hey releng"-type requests in #wikimedia-releng


Folks will rotate into and out-of this position every 2 weeks. Ideally, we could keep folks away from train and away from clinic duty for a month at a time.


Some potential metrics that might be interesting to track to determine the impact of this position.

  • Number of untriaged tasks
  • Wait time for CI Whitelist/repo creation/etc.
  • Average open time of tasks
  • Number of tasks closed