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In a Wikimedia blog post about TemplateStyles Software Engineer Brad Jorsch describes TemplateStyles as, ”a way for non-administrator contributors to be able to create reusable stylesheets that can be included in articles only as needed, with the ability to specify styles for different-sized devices.”

Per the project description in Phabricator: “Storing template scoped styling in the page and emitting it on transclusions." See the MediaWiki extension documentation for technical documentation.

What is being done[edit]

Work on the project is tracked on the TemplateStyles workboard in Phabricator.

Dependency: In order for TemplateStyles to be deployed to individual wikis, Remex must enabled in place of Tidy in the respective wiki. For more information about Remex HTML, see this blogpost describing the change.


Questions about the work regarding TemplateStyles can be left on the talk page.

Status updates:[edit]


Per [1]T199909, TemplateStyles has been deployed on all remaining wikis- including private wikis.


Per T199982, in preparation for the 2018-08-09 deployment:

Message sent to 221 Wikipedia Village Pumps, added to Tech News, and mentioned on wikitech-l.



TemplateStyles has ben deployed and announced to English, French, and Chinese Wikipedias


TemplateStyles will be deployed to English Wikipedia on 2018-07-19 and everywhere on 2018-08-09.

The next focus is for TemplateStyles to enable adding skin-specific CSS, to allow users to improve mobile support for Wiki Loves Monuments. ETA is by September 2018.


As of early July 2018, TemplateStyles has been deployed to the following wikis:

Where Date
Everywhere else, including private wikis 2018-08-09
English Wikipedia 2018-07-19
French Wikipedia 2018-07-19
Chinese Wikipedia 2018-07-19
Swedish Wikipedia 2018-02-08
All Wikivoyages 2018-03-21
German Wikipedia 2018-04-04
Russian Wikipedia 2018-04-10
Norwegian Wikipedia 2018-05-10
Hungarian Wikitionary 2018-07-09