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This page describes the data set unique_devices_per_project_family_monthly that stores on Druid Datasources, which can be accessed via Superset/Turnilo. unique_devices_per_project_family_monthly on Druid is directly loaded from wmf.unique_devices_per_project_family_monthly on Hive, while wmf.unique_devices_per_project_family_monthly on Hive is originally extracted from wmf.pageview_actor.


Field name data type description data example source schema source field
project_family string The lower cased project-family (wikipedia for instance)' wiktionary wmf.pageview_actor normalized_host.project_class
country string Country name of the accessing agents (computed using maxmind GeoIP database)', Barbados wmf.pageview_actor geocoded_data['country']
country_code string 2 letter country code BB wmf.pageview_actor geocoded_data['country_code']
uniques_underestimate int Under estimation of unique devices seen based on last-access-global cookie, and the nocookies header 45 wmf.pageview_actor x_analytics_map['WMF-Last-Access'], x_analytics_map['nocookies'], uri_host
uniques_offset int Unique devices offset computed as fresh sessions (only 1 action without last-access-global cookie)' 103 wmf.pageview_actor count(1)
uniques_estimate int Estimate of unique devices seen as uniques_underestimate plus offset' 148 wmf.pageview_actor x_analytics_map['WMF-Last-Access'], x_analytics_map['nocookies'], uri_host
year int Unpadded year of requests 2020 wmf.pageview_actor year
month int Unpadded month of requests 11 wmf.pageview_actor month

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