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The wmf.session_length_daily table (available on Hive) contains 'pre-aggregated' session length data, and aggregated over a predefined set of dimensions. It is stored in the Parquet columnar file format and partitioned by (year, month, day).

This page describes the data set session_length_daily that is loaded from wmf.session_length_daily on Hive through Presto, which can be accessed via Superset. wmf.session_length_daily on Hive is a derived and aggregated table of the raw event table event.mediawiki_client_session_tick.


Field name Data type Description Data example Source schema Source field
wiki string Wiki project that had an active session ar.wikinews event.mediawiki_client_session_tick meta.domain
session_length int Time (in minutes) users engaged on a page of that wiki 15 event.mediawiki_client_session_tick tick
session_count int Number of sessions with this session length 100 event.mediawiki_client_session_tick COUNT(*)
year int Year of active session 2021 event.mediawiki_client_session_tick year
month int Month of active session 2 event.mediawiki_client_session_tick month
day int Day of active session 12 event.mediawiki_client_session_tick day
Following Fields are available in Superset ONLY
date string Date of active session 2021-02-12 wmf.session_length_daily year, month day
bucket_session_length string Bucketed length of sessions 0-1m, 1-5m, 5-15m, 15-30m, ..., 12h+ wmf.session_length_daily session_length
project_family string Project family name wikipedia wmf.session_length_daily wiki

Dashboards which use this table[edit]

Session Length Dashboard

Known issues and changes[edit]