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This page describes the data set edit_hourly that stores on Druid Datasources, which can be accessed via Superset/Turnilo. edit_hourly on Druid is directly loaded from wmf.edit_hourly on Hive, while wmf.edit_hourly on Hive is originally extracted from wmf.mediawiki_history.


Field name Data type Description Data example Source schema Source field
creates_new_page boolean Whether the edit was the first of a page (page creation), revision_parent_id == 0 TRUE/FALSE wmf.mediawiki_history revision_parent_id
edit_count bigint Number of edits belonging to this hourly bucket (for the given dimension value set) 2 wmf.mediawiki_history COUNT(*)
interface string Editing interface VisualEditor, 2017 wikitext editor, Switched from VisualEditor to wikitext editor, Other wmf.mediawiki_history revision_tags
is_deleted boolean Whether the edit has been deleted TRUE/FALSE wmf.mediawiki_history revision_is_deleted_by_page_deletion
is_reverted boolean Whether the edit has been reverted TRUE/FALSE wmf.mediawiki_history revision_is_identity_reverted
namespace_is_content boolean Whether the namespace is of type content or not TRUE/FALSE wmf.mediawiki_history page_namespace_is_content_historical
namespace_is_talk boolean Whether the namespace is of type talk or not TRUE/FALSE wmf.mediawiki_history page_namespace_historical
namespace_name string Namespace name Main, Talk, User, User talk, etc. wmf.mediawiki_history page_namespace_historical
platform string Access method iOS, Android, Mobile web, Other wmf.mediawiki_history revision_tags
project string The project this event belongs to ar.wikipedia canonical_data.wikis domain_name
revision_tags array<string> Revision tags (change tags) array ["External Link added to disambiguation page","Possible disruption","visualeditor"] wmf.mediawiki_history revision_tags
text_bytes_diff bigint Number of bytes added minus number of bytes removed belonging to this hourly bucket (for the given dimension value set) 2 wmf.mediawiki_history revision_text_bytes_diff
user_edit_count_bucket string Authors edit count bucket 1-4, 5-99, 100-999, 1000-9999, 10000+ wmf.mediawiki_history event_user_revision_count
user_groups array<string> User groups array ["Image-reviewer","OTRS-member","patroller","rollbacker"] wmf.mediawiki_history event_user_groups_historical
user_is_administrator boolean Whether user is adminstrator or not, ARRAY_CONTAINS(event_user_groups_historical, 'sysop') TRUE/FALSE wmf.mediawiki_history event_user_groups_historical
user_is_anonymous boolean Whether user is anonymous or not TRUE/FALSE wmf.mediawiki_history event_user_is_anonymous
user_is_bot boolean Whether user is bot or not TRUE/FALSE wmf.mediawiki_history event_user_is_bot_by_historical
user_tenure_bucket string Bucketed time between user creation and edit Under 1 day, 1 to 7 days, 7 to 30 days, ..., Over 10 years, Undefined wmf.mediawiki_history event_user_registration_timestamp, event_user_creation_timestamp, event_user_first_edit_timestamp
language string Project language Arabic canonical_data.wikis language
project_family string Project family name wikipedia canonical_data.wikis project_family
is_redirect_currently boolean Whether the page is *currently* a redirect (no historical information available) TRUE/FALSE wmf.mediawiki_history page_is_redirect

Dashboards which use this table[edit]

Content Dashboard

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