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Wikimedia Hackathon 2022/Showcase

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The Hackathon 2022 Showcase: Present your projects![edit]

A person in a wheelchair with a laptop, celebrating
Celebrate your hard work at the showcase!

When: (Click to see in your time zone)

Projects presented in the showcase[edit]

Scribe: Wikidata Powered Language Keyboards[edit]

Blocks to Code[edit]

Wikidata Image Positions[edit]

Incubator Dashboard[edit]


inline VideoJS[edit]



Wikitionary word create[edit]

Ionian Wikithon 2022[edit]


Wikimedia bulk download[edit]


  • Presenter: Gopa Vasanth
  • Links: https://videocuttool.wmcloud.org/
  • Phabricator Task:
  • Description: Enhanced look and feel of the tool, Implemented progress bar for video computations and fixed OAuth issue on production.
  • Contact: gopavasanth1999[@]gmail.com

Currency converter[edit]

  • Presenter: ibro
  • Links:
  • Phabricator Task:
  • Description:

More projects[edit]

See the Phabricator workboard for other Hackathon 2022 projects which were not showcased.