Wikimedia Developer Summit/2016/2016-01-04


Work in progress -- see T116024 - WikiDev '16 program and T119593 "must have" sessions for WikiDev '16

Day 1 Day 2
Monday, 2016-01-04 Tuesday, 2016-01-05

Day 1
Robertson 1
(200 person theatre)
Robertson 2
(50 person classroom)
Robertson 3
(50 person classroom)
UnConference (Leach) Room 1
(40 person theatre)
UnConference (Leach) Room 2
(40 person theatre)
UnConference (Leach) Room 3
(24 person classroom)
8:30 AM Registration for all participants & breakfast
9:00 AM

(50 min)

Welcome & keynote (T121640)
  • Rachel Farrand - Welcome & logistics
  • Rob Lanphier & Valerie Aurora - Summit goals
  • Wes Moran - Opening keynote
9:50 AM

(10 min)

Coffee Break
10:00 AM

(80 min)

Next Generation Content Loading and Routing

T114542 - An attempt to identify and resolve disagreements and misunderstandings in having an API-driven web front-end, performing page composition using service workers and server-side JS fallback.

Software Engineering (T119032) breakout session:
  • T114320 - Code-review migration to Differential status/discussion
Discussion room Unconference - edit me to schedule a session! Unconference - edit me to schedule a session! Unconference - edit me to schedule a session!


(10 min)

Coffee Break
11:30 AM

(80 min)

Working area focus: User interface presentation

T119162 - Working area overview: "how do we make using Wikimedia software more usable, and make it look and feel joyful to use?"

Open slot. Discussion room MediaWiki API: design and usability discussion Unconference Open meeting between the MediaWiki Stakeholders Group and the Wikimedia Foundation (T119403)
12:50: PM

(70 min)

2:00 PM

(80 min)

Working area focus: Content format

T119022 - Working area overview: "how do we make manipulating our data easier and more useful? (both for humans and computers)"

Software Engineering (T119032) breakout session: Discussion room What can the search API do for you? - Gathering feedback about what's good and what's missing in the search API Curation and feeds discussion: How to make it easier for people to manage vast amounts of content - T122813 Shadow namespaces: Phab:T115762
3:20 PM

(20 min)

Afternoon Snack Break
3:40 PM

(80 min)

How should Wikimedia software support non-Wikimedia deployments of its software?

T113210 - Wikimedia software like MediaWiki is widely used for non-Wikimedia content (e.g. intranet wikis, hobbyist wikis) often using infrastructure quite different from the Wikimedia production environment (e.g. different database software, shared hosting). To what extent should Wikimedia software development serve the needs of running Wikimedia software in non-Wikimedia environments?

Content Format (T119022) breakout session: Discussion room

(#Source-Metadata meetup)

Maps & Graphs:
Creating Interactive Content
Code of Conduct (T90908)

The Code of Conduct we are writing will help promote a more welcoming and respectful community. Let's discuss the ongoing work.

Service-oriented architecture:

Enhance our service architecture using a cluster coordination system like kubernetes (T122822) and how to manage the long-term maintenance of services (T122825)

5:00 PM Buses back to WMF
Dinner - don't forget to sign-up