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Wikimedia Developer Summit/2017/Artificial Intelligence to build and navigate content

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This a main topic discussed at the Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017, facilitated by EpochFail (AKA "Aaron Halfaker" or "halfak").

The problem[edit]

Artificial intelligence has been used to a minor extent in a few wikis to help with content production processes and to direct editors towards contribution opportunities. The research is full of experiments in extending prediction and filtering AIs to many other types of activities in Wikipedia. However, these research projects fail to make it to the wiki. How should we best take advantage of AI to support wiki content building and navigation in the next year?

Proposals welcome[edit]

Here's a few categories of ideas that would be welcome

  • Extending current intelligent tools beyond a few big wikis
  • New problems/opportunities for AI to address
  • Vandalism detection in the large set of small wikis
  • Article/Item quality predictions prediction
  • Opening up AI process: Transparency and expectations
  • Biases that AIs learn and strategies for mitigating problems
  • AIs for task recommendation
  • AIs for reader support

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