From lets you create MediaWiki wikis with Wikibase. Here's everything you need to know about creating and managing a wiki.

Creating a wiki[edit]

Once you've verified your email, click the "+" button on the dashboard page to create a new wiki.

Next, fill out the "Create a wiki" form. You can choose your own site name and initial MediaWiki user name.

Site domain[edit]

The site domain is your site's name as it appears in a browser. You can select from two options:

  • Free subdomain: If available, the name you choose becomes a subdomain of It must be at least 20 characters long.
  • Custom domain: If you have an existing domain name you'd like to use, enter it here. In DNS, that name should be a CNAME pointing to:
The details of the MediaWiki user account you chose will be emailed to the email address you provided.

After you click "Create wiki", the settings page for your new wiki will appear.

Settings page[edit]

On the Settings page you will see two tabs: "Wiki settings" and "Features".

Wiki settings tab[edit]

In the settings tab you can control various aspects of your new wiki, such as the default skin and logo. You can also delete your wiki from this page.

  • Details: This panel displays important information about your wiki for your reference.
  • Skin: Here you can choose your wiki's skin -- your site's general appearance.
  • Logo: You can set the logo that appears in the top corner of every page on your wiki. Uploaded images should be square -- they will be resized into a 135-pixel by 135-pixel square.
  • Registration: By turning this switch on you disable open registration on your wiki, requiring new accounts to be approved by users of your site who have the "bureaucrat" right.
  • Wikibase options: Proceed with caution! Changing these values may cause problems with your wiki.
    • Value lengths: These fields control the length (in characters) of strings and of monolingual text fields. Lengths can range from 400 (default) to 2500.
    • Multilang lengths: This field controls the length (in characters) of multilanguage fields such as labels and descriptions. Lengths can range from 250 (default) to 2500.

  • Delete site: If you would like to delete your site, click the "Delete site" button. Be careful: deletion is irreversible! You will be asked to confirm your choice, after which your site will be deleted forever.

Features tab[edit]

On the Features tab you can manage available Wikibase features.

Mapping properties to Wikidata[edit]

This feature allows you to define local properties to be mapped to properties on Wikidata.

Depending on the property you map to, a mapped property may enable extra functionality:

Mapping items to Wikidata[edit]

This feature allows you to define local items to be mapped to items on Wikidata.


Here you can enable Lexemes for your Wikibase.

Once Lexemes are enabled, enter your wiki; you will see the New Lexeme option in the sidebar.

You can make use of the Property mapping feature to set a property that should be used for Lexeme language codes. (The corresponding property on Wikidata is P218.)

Using your wiki[edit]

To enter your wiki, navigate to the dashboard and click the icon next to the wiki you'd like to enter.